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Action Arcade Wrestling 2 Early Impressions Stuck
Posted on July 31, 2013 at 04:46 AM.
Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior are running wild in Action Arcade Wrestling 2, thanks to custom content from The Wrestling Legends Forum.

Almost 40 classic WWF and WCW wrestlers have already been coded into Action Arcade Wrestling 2's unique AAWES file format, as well as many familiar ring designs from WrestleManias and SummerSlams of the past.

Though custom entrance music is offered in Action Arcade Wrestling 2, the feature currently does not work well with roster files that have imported wrestlers from the companion PC customizer. I loaded my Xbox 360 hard drive with theme music for about 30 wrestlers, only to find that I was unable to use any of it once I had finished importing all my custom characters into the game.

Major stability issues are also hampering Action Arcade Wrestling 2, as building created wrestlers inside the game's creation kit frequently causes the title to crash back to the Xbox 360 dashboard. After a character crashes once, his file often becomes permanently damaged. My attempt to create the beer-drinking, cane-swinging Sandman caused the game to crash back to the dashboard every time I loaded Sandman into the editor or choose him on the character select screen.

Gameplay, as shown in the above video, also suffers from rampant clipping and warping issues. Though I wasn't able to capture it on film, Action Arcade Wrestling 2 actually makes it possible to launch a top rope attack that goes from one end of the arena to the other, as all standing attacks from the top rope have a sort of "heat seeking missile" effect. Alternatively, doing a turnbuckle dive onto a downed opponent is entirely normal, featuring a limited jumping range.

On the positive side, Action Arcade Wrestling 2's AI does put up a fair and reasonable fight on normal difficulty, plus the computer will absolutely layeth the smacketh down on hard difficulty.

Action Arcade Wrestling 2 shows great potential, though at the moment, it's very unpolished and rough to play. Creator Dave Horn is already aware of most of the game's issues and is working with his main programmer, Eugene "Ujen" Tchoukhrov, to correct some of the major crash bugs:

Originally Posted by Dave Horn
My genius awesome programmer Ujen from VICO Game Studio has been CRUSHING it today for you all to try to get a new customizer built that works with the retail version. We think we have one that is going to work for more of you. Still more tests needed but try this version 1.4 out. It's already worked for some fans who have been gracious enough to help me test.

I still have to submit the update to Microsoft (out of my control as to timing), but here's what I was able to accomplish tonight...

1. Fixed variety bonus spelling
2. Fixed Crash bug in Edit mode (PLEASE NOTE: this can currently be avoided by not previewing moves)
3. Fixed the hanging after championship animation
4. My programmer thinks he found the reason for the Customizer crash - I'll upload it when it's done building and after I test it.
5. Fixed logic where sometimes wrestlers Irish Whip and don't attack
6. Fixed Rumble glitch where wrestlers are small when they enter.
Operation Sports will have a full review of Action Arcade Wrestling 2 later in the week.
# 1 Feldman011teen @ Jul 31
i'd try it if it was free, but i'm not paying any money for this. atleast at this point. but with it only being one guy, i can't imagine much improvements. kudos to him though and anyone who has bought/plans to buy the game.
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