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NBA 2K12 My Player Mode Improvements Gameplay 
Posted on June 29, 2011 at 01:37 PM.
Though NBA 2K11 did show some improvement in game play it still kinda sucked when you played for a while especially my player mode. Heres how they can fix it.

Teammate Decision Making Awareness: This is absolutely horrid. Players should move with a purpose. This should depend on your awareness rating not reacting to loose balls or picking up the ball handler. It should be about making the right decisions on offense or on defense. Defensive Example Chicago bulls verse the Boston Celtics I am playing defense with Chicago as a point guard I am matched up with Kevin Garnett when I call for help to double team a smart defensive player like Ronnie brewer should not come to help me if he is guarding Ray Allen he should stay at home and give some one else the opportunity to help. Also if you read my other blog "A More Immersive My Player Mode" you should know that the coach has already designated Ray Allen as a play tight player. On the reverse of that example if Kyle Korver happened to be guarding Ray Allen he may be tempted to leave him to commit the double team because he is not as defensively aware as Ronnie Brewer. Offensive Nuggets vs the Cavs I'm playing as a pg and I get penetration into the lane being that Carmelo Anthony is so offensively aware he makes a move to a spot where he has a clear line of sight to the passer for the open shot or the layup since Kevin Martins offensive smarts aren't that great he may stand still and be easily guarded. Passing out of a double team should still be controlled by Offensive awareness as well.

Decision Making Late Shot Clock: If you read my previous blog you already know that there should be a designated pecking order of who gets to take the most shot depending on whose on the floor. Example in late shot clock situations players should make every effort to get the ball to the number one option if not the player with the ball should op for an ISO play and score the best way he knows how whether a post move or an ISO dribble. Unfortunately on 2k11 players just take dumb shots late in the shot clock which is annoying but usually always go in anyway which I cant figure out why.

Decision Making Late Game Situations: Your coach should have the first say in your game plan in late game situations. Example will the coach call a time out and restructure the game plan or will he depend on veterans with good offensive and defensive awareness to lead his team without breaking the flow of the game and conserve a time out. Your team should not take it upon there self to decide we are down by 8 points with 2 min to go in the fourth so I'm just going to shot threes without running any kind of offensive plays. The coach should either call a time out and show an increase in offensive speed and an emphasis on running three point plays for key shooters or a relaxed speed and emphasis on ISO motioning there key scorer or focusing on pressing on defense and forcing turnovers each coach should have his own philosophy on late game down situations the possibilities are endless. If the coach prefers to let veterans lead in these situations veterans with good awareness should start calling the plays on the floor example Jason Kidd, Tim Duncan's and the like. There goals should not necessarily to get the ball for themselves but to make sure the best option for the situation is called. If there is a situation where the coach prefers veterans to take over but there are no veterans the best player should selfishly call for the ball ISO him self and try to make something happen every time down the floor for better or worse.

Team Chemistry On The Court: This is one of the most aggravating aspects of the game. I realize that my team is trying to freeze me out because I am a jerk but this is very unrealistic if I have been designated as the first option on a team theres no way that I wont get touches lets be real. Also I'm not sure if this is due to team chem but it seems like my teammates aren't willing to pass to anyone else on the team either we are all just running and gunning for ourselves. Heres the fix team chemistry should lower rating morale and hope for them to resign and maybe even decrease the rate that younger player improves THATS IT no freezing out on the court unless your the 4th or 5th option no every man for them self. Example if you tie chem in with play knowledge so that a player that is new may not get into position as quickly in the play that his new team mates run or he just may be totally out of position or ineffective at screening or recognizing the open man in the system. All of this should increase with time of the team playing together under the same coaching interviews should have small effect as well and the chemistry rising. example MIA Heat.

Free Offense: All teams don't run set plays all the time. Lets turn that run plays attribute under the coach into something that means something example the heat doesn't have alot of plays most of them are just ISO. If your team has alot of offensive awareness then they will cut to open spots and move according to there strengths if there dumb offensively they will stand still IE the MIA Heat. A team running a free offense should run through there options 1 guy or 2 guy or 3 guy not necessarily in that order every time but more often the 1 guy first and so on and so on. From there you can rely on those guys to make a play either with a score or a pass if they cant your team is probably gonna suck but thats why everyone isn't a NBA champ.

Passing: your teammates pass rating shouldn't effect if your teammates pass the ball or not it should effect how quickly does he see the open man, how accurate is the pass and how susceptible to a pick off is the pass. Accurate meaning if he pass the ball to the post does it move you 8 feet away from the basket or not, is it an easy pass to fumble or does it hit your hands quickly allowing you to score before the d reacts. Is it susceptible to a pick meaning how slow does the ball travel in the air is it the right pass for the situation bounce pass, chest pass, wrap around, lob pass or an alley. How quickly does he find the open man for example your team is running a play and you get open with a clear line to a pass will the player with the ball recognize that your open or will he continue to run the set play. Steve Nash gets the ball to guys when there open regardless of the play or whose the first or second option. Flashy passes should depend on the tendency rating and not the pass rating also as a user you should have the ability to change your my player's tendencies. Only after a certain pass rating lets say 80 can you even move your flashy pass tendency above lets say 40.

Teammate Grades For Everyone: Everyone on your team should have there own grade if Joel Anthony is shooting every time as soon as he gets his hands on the ball he is going to the bench with a D- grade. If he is on the court with Lebron, wade, bosh and Chalmers. Players shouldn't play to preserve there teammate grade but it should be noticeable for coaches to make a decision on who starts in the reg season and minutes of the bench. As far as pre season everyone plays the same amount of minutes stars play way less. As for the playoffs read my last blog on playoff rotations part.

Veteran Leadership: Veteran leadership should be a part of the game play at some point Tim Duncan should say okay we acting up I'm taking control of the play book at any point in the game. ALL point guards regardless of rating should have control of the play book except for first plays after time outs, or if the coach prefers to control plays (usually only happens to rookie point guards), free offense teams, late game situations, and when a veteran pulls ranks on him to regain control of the momentum. No one out ranks Jason Kidd. If you are losing the momentum the vet on the floor or the coach will call a time out if they choose not to the vet on the floor will call a play or two at least till you get on the right track. As you grow in your career and gain leadership points which I talked about in my last blog these options are up to you when your on the floor.

Bottom Line: PLAYERS SHOULD PLAY AS THEY DO IN LIFE if your on the pacers as a rookie Granger isn't going to let you take the last shot unless your offense is so great that your named the number one option. D Wade isn't going to miss layups because the team chem sucks. Tim Duncan isn't going to let the spurs shoot dumb shots without taking command of the floor. Joel Anthony isn't going to hold the ball till theres 2 secs on the clock and shot a fade away. Every team doesn't run plays every time down the floor. Not everyone is going to see the open man every time well except maybe Steve Nash and J Kidd. Most people aren't going to leave Ray Allen open for three especially if he is only one pass away from the ball. As your boy the CZAR would say "don't play games play basketball"

# 1 kareem434 @ Jun 29
Note: in my last blog I refered to Leadership points as xp points sorry for the confusion
# 2 ccrimson @ Jun 29
that last blog really makes sense
# 3 Mr.Xcitement96 @ Jul 2
kareem434, This sounds very good, i hope 2k get this point.
# 4 blarg. @ Jul 4
love it, all i really play is MP mode and these changes would make a HUGE improvement to the mode
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