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NBA 2K12 Game Modes 
Posted on July 10, 2011 at 11:06 PM.
Heres some game modes that may be a fun add in.

My Player Online League: Unlike My Crew all 4 of your teammates will be randomly generated players like pickup game mode. You will keep all of the same teammates every time you play. You should be able to create your own courts using the 15 street ball templates and customizing them. You should also be able to create your own jerseys with the import logo system. There should be totally separate skill points from regular my player. The game should track your players progress as well as your teams progress and stats. At the end of the year the best my players on there respective systems xbox/PS/PC should be selected for the all star game. At the end of the season there should be a 64 team one game elimination tournament. i like this idea because instead of dealing with 3 cheesers at a time you only have to deal with one.

Legendary Playoff Teams: Add More Old School teams create a legendary playoff mode.

Street Ball Kings: Online Playground mode where you take your my player and play against other my players or take an NBA player and play against other NBA players. Game should include 21 or 1 on 1 or knockout or King of the court. 2K has to implement about 15 different street courts to get us to play it consistently. The camera on these games should be low to the ground and right behind your my player or star

King of the court: play against others online for 1 point if you win you stay on that specific court the loser goes to another online session against another person. If you win the next person on the server play you on the same court you just won on. when you exit the game mode it should tell you your record. The servers have to be fast for it to work and 2k has to get rid of the glitch where you cant move after you check the ball maybe a slight delay for the offensive player too may work.

Coaching Mode: College Hoops 2k8 best game ever made

Dunk Contest: get rid of the one that exist and make an easier one period.

Create Your Own Association: People who are Sim fans do this anyway so why not make it a little easier. Start of by letting the user create up to 30 teams. You should be allowed to create unlimited number of players. Make a system similar to EA Sports that allows you to upload your own team logos online. Create a mapping system for locating your teams that you create like 75 American cities and 7 continents for you to place each team. Set the amount of teams your league would have any where from 14 to 30. Set the number of games. Set the min and max player ratings allowed in your league ex. If you wanted to make a D league that only had players rated 73 and below. Set your min and max age allowed in your league. Set your salary cap and free agent rules. Set if you allow trades between teams. The rest should be set up same as the regular association. The only way to really make this game mode work is to expand the vocabulary of the commentators so they can say more team names. They should also talk about teams based on there ratings in certain areas compared to the rest of the league rather than just assuming a created team is an all star team. 2k should also create a web site that tracks all of your associations news, standings, stats, descriptions, screen shots and videos. This way we can see what kind of leagues others are making.
# 1 kareem434 @ Jul 10
Feel Free to Add Your Ideas
# 2 Jakeness23 @ Jul 11
How would you be able to choose between 8 continents when there are only 7? lol
# 3 Jakeness23 @ Jul 11
i like the create your association but on a different scale. id rather just see a teambuilder feature and you could start a team as an expansion or a relocated team. that way you could choose to create a roster or set it as one of the current NBA team's roster. or if you so choose, you would be able to create 30 teams and replace all of the NBA teams and players if you wanted.
# 4 Kamanchu @ Jul 11
What I really would like to see is an old school my player. Like, you play as Michael Jordan/Magic Johnson with all the correct rosters back then. Then each year more players are drafted by specific year.
i.e. Once you get to 1999 Tim Duncan is drafted to the Spurs, etc.
# 5 NowAndLaterCARZ @ Jul 11
These are my suggestions for 2k12 crew mode

CREATE-A-STADIUM for crew mode. maybe 15-20 different arena layouts with custom seat colors, floor wood, floor color, scoreboard, logo's, and seating arrangement (triple deck, double with luxury box, or small college size. even a large dallas cowboys type)

2k12 crew mode also needs more logo's, jersey text, and jersey texture(like how denvers jersey texture is different than bostons)

finally can we get a monthly crew playoff tournament. this is how it should be set up.
when you create a crew, the gm should choose which conference to be in (east or west). regular season games are the way we play crew now, random teams. at the end of each month the top 32 teams from each conference based on winning % with a certain amount of games played would make playoff tournament. playoff games would be a best of 3 series until a champ is crowned. all teams that dont make playoffs can play pre-season games until playoffs are over. at the end there will be a finals mvp and winning team gets a championship banner in stadium rafters.
# 6 Galarius @ Jul 11
i hope you can play against various VIPs in association and playoff modes this year...i create a VIP for all the teams i play with, have about a dozen so far....not only can you play against a VIP profile, you can even have one on your team so it is like playing with another human..other than the backcourt glitch VIP was very good this year, although you have to tweak sliders when playing against VIP as opposed to playing against the 'stock' 2k logic(which i never do, every game i have played thi syear except the first few has been against one of my VIP profiles....Waaaaay better than playing against 2k's standard CPU logic, much more human like
# 7 bigmarc757 @ Jul 11
I think they should add crew mode with no my players just playing with real teams!
# 8 kareem434 @ Jul 11
@ # 3 Jakeness23 lol you right and I was thinking of the expansion team thing too I may have talked about it in one of my other blogs and thats the customization thing you could replace the teams or the rosters or whatever you want

@# 4 Kamanchu That is a great Idea I love but I don't belive they could obtain the rights to all the players that easily 70 to 90 % of the players would have to be created and if they could get the rights to use all the images it would cost them a billion dollars but i'm with you it would be the do do.

@ NowAndLaterCARZ the create a stadium idea is tight, If they had a system to import anything as your own logo with something like NCAA football team builder has would eleminate the need to have more logo options. The crew games are alright but the my player street idea I have will be an option to people who dont like to play against a 6'9 point gaurd and a 7'4 center that are both rated 99 but those are good ideas to improve my crew but I'm talking about adding my player street in along with my crew. Your my crew improvments would be real tight I like the idea of having that banner thats sick.

@ Galarius I never really used the VIPs cause they dont really play how i played in the past but I may have to check them out now thanks to you!!

@# 8 bigmarc757 I think the same thing I'm so tired of playing against 6'9 point guards with 75's in shot blocking its really annoying. big ups to the 757 by the way

# 9 coolman233 @ Jul 12
# 10 druez @ Jul 12
I like the idea of "creating" a team online e.g. you get (X) amount of points to create a team. Once created, you can also use your myplayer on the team.

This team would then be only be all CPU controlled other then your myPlayer. You could level up your guys and they age etc...
# 11 tarek @ Jul 13
I totally agree with Kamanchu. I think historic recreation is the next step in sports gaming. The ability to create your own future with draft classes and dynasties through to the 2020s is fine, but imagine being able to change the course of history.

Like Kamanchu said, starting a dynasty in a specific era and then have recreated draft classes would be brilliant.

The draft would be something to look at, if I were to make historic recreation I would keep each draft as accurate as possible, with teams still picking the draft busts and some gems still slipping. The difference would be when YOUR team picked, you would pick who you want and the player that your team picked in real life would go to the opposite team (i.e. the team who originally picked the guy you picked).

The possibilities are endless in my opinion, and would create a totally different aspect to a sports game.
# 12 kareem434 @ Jul 14
@tarek your right I was just thinking about draft classes but u would have to tottaly recreate the leauge in say '94 if you wanted to start there it would be a lot of work but u could pull it of on your own I wanna try but I don't have nearly enough free time on my hands the other question is how many players can u create at once not including draft classes?
# 13 prot22 @ Jul 14
I think you should be able to have the option of contraction and remove 2-4 teams from the league. Maybe even up to 8 teams and have a draft for those players from the teams taken out to be put onto the teams remaining in the league. Have the draft done by worst to first records. Trying to think outside the box here.
# 14 kareem434 @ Jul 14
@ prot22 that what I was saying in create your own association u decide how many teams that are in your lueage and if u allow expansion and u can draft the players from teams replaced by created teams already u just have to make them free agents before u start the association then do a draft to start the association but I think what ur getting at is more of an expansion draft wich is a tight idea
# 15 SHAKYR @ Jul 14
good stuff!

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