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Three "Challenges" to keep FIFA 13 Fresh Stuck
Posted on February 27, 2013 at 12:44 PM.

Wouldn't you know it, we're heading into the dog days of March already, and that fresh excitement you got from firing FIFA 13 up is probably long gone. But for those of us who still want to spend a few hours on the game every weekend-- and especially those who don't do the Ultimate Team thing too often-- just how do you keep the game fresh?

Why, give yourself a challenge or two, of course.

Here are three that can extend the shelf life of FIFA 13 immensely:

Complete Every Skill Game

For a lot of players, the skill games get lost in the shuffle because we're so conditioned to jump right into the actual match. But here's the thing: Not only are they immensely fun once you take the time to play them, but they really do help your on-pitch play. The shooting and dribbling games, especially, force you to experiment with modifiers such as finesse shooting and precision dribbling.

Win the Champions League with a Lower League Team

It's hardly a secret anymore, but newer players to the FIFA series (and perhaps, if I may generalize just a little, to the sport itself) may still immediately flock to the big teams in Career Mode and never take a look at managing the likes of Huddersfield and Aldershot Town, not knowing how much they're missing out on.

So if you're willing to invest the time in playing Career Mode with a lower tier team, it's a surefire way of breathing new life into the game. Not only do matches play differently in these less skilled leagues (there's definitely a lot more chaos and varied touches), it also ensures that there is much more at stake when it comes to your off-field moves, and consequently will test your managerial mettle much more than a stint with Manchester United will. These clubs have tiny budgets, tiny squads, and one bad transfer (or for that matter, injury) can derail your entire season. And if you're going for the jugular and aiming to win the Champions League (erm, sorry, Champions Cup) during your tenure, you better make all the right moves, because while 15 seasons may seem like a lot of time, it also takes a while to amass the budget (from winning competitions and gaining promotion) and the players needed to win it all.

Create a Virtual Pro to Play in a Less Popular Position

So basically, any position that isn't striker or winger.

I've played as a defensive midfielder in one save and a centerback in another, and while the result can be a bit of a mixed bag, depending on how the rest of the team's defenders play, it's certainly interesting (and refreshing) to play the game from a totally different perspective, which is also the reason why it can give the mode an extra shot of longevity. If you've always played as an attacker-- where your first thought upon getting the ball is always to take on defenders or shoot on sight-- a stint as a more defensively-oriented player will certainly get you seeing the game differently. (See? It's educational too.) Besides, it's a different kind of fun to play in a more composed, if you will, position-- reading plays, making interceptions and tackles, recycling possession, and picking your moments to go for a run up the pitch.

Conversely, if you've always played as a defender, why not create a virtual pro striker and see how you get on? Playing in an unfamiliar position can really help break the monotony on the pitch, and it might just rejuvenate your passion for the game for a good month or two.

So OSers, what's your way to keep FIFA 13 Fresh?
# 1 LucianoJJ @ Feb 27
I'm thinking of creating a second squad in FUT funded by a fire sale/demolition of my existing team. I am usually done with FIFA once the baseball season starts. I've thought FUT might keep me interested into the spring, but now I just don't see myself scrambling for funds and scrambling for goals in 6 minute halves.
# 2 CoreyG87 @ May 9
I know this is a bit old, but I always pick lower level teams to play with. Usually MLS teams like DC United. Even though I can't win UEFA, I can see how good I can make them.
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