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Which NBA game!!!! 
Posted on August 5, 2011 at 03:08 PM.
Ok so I am writing this blog to get you guys to help me out on which NBA game to get. I have played 2k11, and live 10 and am not going to wait for
NBA 2k12. So please don't suggest any
Of these. I decided because
Of the lockout to try an older one out.
So here is what I am looking at

NBA 2k9: Pros: good graphics, nice gameplay from the demo.
Cons: don't like the commentators, not the biggest fan of the gameplay, are
There sliders?

NBA live 08: pros: nice graphics, love the feeling after
The demo, the older rosters
The better because I can trade anyone without feeling bad haha.

Cons: I really dint know!

NBA live 09: pros: nice graphics and gameplay, fun feel again
Cons: don't like the graphics as much

So help me out!!! Thanks!
# 1 DJ @ Aug 5
Honestly, don't waste your time. Keep playing 2k11 until 2k12 comes out.
# 2 kg54mvp1 @ Aug 5
But does anyone think NBA live 08 or 09 would be a fun game now adays?
# 3 Da-Man @ Aug 5
Try NBA live 07.. you cant go wrong with that one.
# 4 DGMikeBarker @ Aug 6
@Da-Man Haha that's hilarious.

@KG54MVP1 Just get them all. They should be about $7 each. But don't get Live 07.
# 5 bigdipper88 @ Aug 6
I wouldn't get 2k12 if there's not a season this year which I truly think there will not be one. There would be no point b/c there'd be no transactions made & may as well keep 2k11
# 6 BlackRome @ Aug 7
If you want to try one of the older game I would get 2k8. It's actually the best Video Basketball game 2k has ever made. 2k9-11 don;t compare. When you play 2k8 you will realize very quickly how the game has not improved in the last few years and actually took a step back.

You actually controlled your man in 2k8 and never had to worry about the game not responding in time with the move you wanted to make.

I used to actually fell like I was on the court playing this game.

I've played them all since 2k. 2k8 is definitely the best version they have ever made.
# 7 cavsfan2 @ Aug 7
NBA 2k8 imo. I know it wasnt one of the options you presented but 2k8 is great. Plus I think it still has 2K share activated (not sure, though. Dont quote me) so you can get updated rosters.
DO NOT get NBA live 07 lol
# 8 videlsports @ Aug 7
I'm going to buy 2k12 any way, but I think you should try Live 10
# 9 BRxSKINSx @ Aug 8
Get NBA 2K11....Play it until 2k12... Come on Oct. 4th.....
# 10 syxxness @ Aug 8
stay with 2k11 ... nothin better on the market ... unless you consider to donate your money on some old game ...
# 11 Uncle Way @ Aug 9
Why settle for anything less than the best? Go with 2k11

If you MUST get one of those 3, I'd say go with Live 08.. It's the cheapest of the three.. Could probably find it for like 99cents
# 12 stlstudios189 @ Oct 3
I loved 2k8 it was so smooth I almost want to go back to it
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