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Joe Montana Football. Tweets that create questions instead of answers 
Posted on March 21, 2015 at 01:59 PM.

Very little has been released about Joe Montana Football. Most of what we have are from Twitter. Some of those tweets give us more questions than answers.

Joe Montana gave us our first in game glimpse with this tweet

This pic leads us to believe this is a generic game. But why then, did the NFL allow this game to be at the super bowl? It's unclear if it actually was demoed at the Super Bowl, but Damon was there with that purpose according to these tweets here and here.
If this is a generic game, it's attempting to compete with the NFL. Very odd that the NFL would allow it to be demoed at the league's biggest event, even if Joe Montana is behind it.

Joe Harford gives us another reason to question this. His sculpts of Joe Montana and stadium goalposts were found under the labels of Joe Montana NFL game. Sure, it's easy to write this off as a simple mistake by a British artist, but hold on a second. On his Twitter home page he describes himself as a darts and sports nut. Also, back in October, he sent out this tweet congratulating Peyton Manning on breaking the all time td record. This doesn't make sense. How does someone who is following the NFL regular season not know if that is the league he is working on?

Could this still be an NFL game after all?


Damon Grow only lists his developer as "super secret sports company". It seems that if this was a small start up company, they would want to get their name out to the public. Keeping it secret suggests its a well known name, someone easily recognisable. Damon denied EA involvement but refused to do the same when asked about 2k or Microsoft. In fact they've only fanned the flames by tweeting out multiple 2k references and not denying Microsoft after the infamous post put those names front and center. Are these or some other major developer behind this game?

Keeping the developer secret leads to speculation and keeps people discussing this game, so it some ways it makes sense. But this team has done the same with the games platform. So far Damon has tweeted that he feels the pc market is underserved and that the game won't be pc only. So the game is on pc and another platform. But whether it is Xbox, PS4, mobile or even Nintendo is unknown. This is typically the first news we get about a new game. Why are they not revealing this? To increase the hype in a barren football market? Or because their game will change the way we view platforms in some way like being on Windows 10 or sold in the Google store for Nividia type mobile systems?

Hopefully we will get some info that will start to bring JMF 16 into focus, but until then what are your thoughts on the mystery surrounding this game?
# 1 footballismyhobby @ Mar 23
Good post. This is the stuff I've been saying for the past month. But because people have already been harmed in the past, they want to believe unexplained statements and ignore glimmers of hope and cryptic information that is still out there. Hopefully more will come to fruition soon.
# 2 tsbmolina @ Mar 24
Good post, well written.
# 3 dxyyz1 @ Mar 24
It might not be an NFL game but i do believe the game will have NFL players. Damon Grow and Joe Montana's interview with Techcrunch Joe said they were close to a deal with the NFLPA. Joe stated he wasnt sure if he wanted a deal with the NFL or not but Damon gave him the idea of having the NFL players but full customization. Damon keeps talking about how the game will be so deep and customizable which makes what im saying pretty likely. Plus by this screenshot not having NFL teams they probably want to see what the reactions will be to see should they go after a NFL deal or not.
# 4 kjcheezhead @ Mar 24
The NFLPA is a possibility. It's been discovered that EA's payments to them are way down.

This link suggests its down by as much as $70 million. Some are saying the payments were front loaded during the lockout, but to the tune of $70 million? That's more than double the usual annual payment. It's not a very good explanation to me.
# 5 videlsports @ Mar 24
This was a good Blog. I agree with Illiterateoption, I want this Game to take off so we can Have someone Pushing EA's/Investors and their Decision makers. I need more than one option of a football Game. I have Realistic expectations , but at the same time excitement for this Game.
# 6 Dr. Banner @ Mar 24
The only thing we do know. The game looks terrible! ��
# 7 simbayless @ Mar 25
My only beef if this is a unlicensed game then why there is no forum for feedback? You would think jm16 would have a forums up months ago.
# 8 TheEmanHTX @ Apr 7
Great read. Thanks for the effort!
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