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Things about madden I got from easports dat someone typed 
Posted on June 12, 2009 at 01:30 PM.
Very interesting. Love to see the attention to detail and desire to make the most realistic game possible (even without a rival game to worry about). Very interested to hear what will be done about the "suction" and "warping" issues in the next post. In case my last post wasn't read, I'd also like to include my requests of other improvements I'd like to see given attention:
- Fix the camera. Please raise it higher and zoom out a bit on pass plays so we can see the flats and manually covering isn't as hard because of the poor depth perception a lower level camera provides (basically, go back to previous gen madden's camera angle).
- The play clock not starting immediately issue. In 09, after most plays, you could run a good 5 seconds off the game clock before the play clock started.
- Improved AI pass rush for user controlled teams. Too often my elite Oline would constantly let someone come unblocked, yet the Peppers, Freeney's of the world on my team rarely sniffed the QB or disrupted his timing. It should be even for both sides based on players skills, not the game difficulty level.
- Lastly, improve WR awareness of where the sideline is. This was supposedly addressed in 08, but my WR still at times will run themselves out of bounds, or not even attempt to drag their feet (unless they're elite WR, but even average WR attempt to drag their feet and don't run 3 yards out of bounds on their route).
- WR/CB interactions having improved awareness of their position on the field relative to one another. Too often when the ball is in the air the WR or DB would make a play on the ball as if no one was attempting to cut in front of them, they would simply enter the animation and not fight for the ball (example being a WR is running a fly route, as ball is in the air the safety moves to cut in front of the WR to intercept the ball, but rather than slow down and fight for the ball, the WR would simply keep running and put out his hands to make an over the shoulder catch as if no one was coming over to intercept the pass).
Thank you for all the hard work, keep it up.
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