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NCAA Should have Done BETTER! 
Posted on July 9, 2012 at 03:26 PM.
To start of I've only been playing NCAA Football since 2006, And the only reason for that was for the import draft for madden every year. Since the feature does not exist this year the game feels pointless, But I think that the NCAA team could blame a lot of that on Madden's New Connected Careers mode. The Fact that the madden team used the excuse of the feature would not be perfect is a first to me because if we can all recall EXTRA POINT was not perfect and neither was last year importing from NCAA. Well enough of that!!!!!

NCAA 13 could of been a lot better, but the team chose just to take baby steps so far since NCAA 10. The additions of things like team-builder and the ticker updates are all we have really got lately. While I think the team has done a great job with the graphics and the addition of The Heisman challenge it still was not big enough for me to consider buying it from amazon at 45$. But since i bought the EA Sports Ticket last year I figured well why not use it on NCAA 13, Well all I really got was a large download of NCAA 12 all over again and boy did it piss me off.

The EA sports teams should really be working together to make both MADDEN & NCAA the best sports games since it is the only football Sport games. But instead this year Madden Team was okay with making NCAA 13 sales Drop this year and so was everybody else at EA Sports.

Whats your take guys???
# 1 Demolition D @ Jul 9
NO IMPORTED DRAFT CLASS???? This is horrible news ...
# 2 Eski33 @ Jul 9
I find the game enjoyable. Losing an option such as importing draft classes is never a good thing but it doesn't impact the fun factor for me.

I read too many things like the lack of dreadlocks, incorrect equipment and other things that have no impact on gameplay.

Thus far, I have enjoyed every minute of the game. NCAA 12 was a huge letdown but NCAA 13 bounced back and basically is what NCAA 12 should have been. The new passing system is a huge improvement. The removal of super jumping LB's and psychic DB's has saved my controllers as it was one aspect that caused me to chuck a few off of my basement wall in the past.

The game isn't perfect but it is no where near as bad as the reviews make it out to be.
# 3 freshko1 @ Jul 9
I've played Ncaa football and madden since the 90's. Dynasty is why I play and not being able to import my draft class is a deal breaker for me. There is no reason to spend $60 on ncaa13 if I can't import my draft classes. I know I'm just one person but EA you'll have to put it back in the game if you want my money.
# 4 fsufan4423 @ Jul 10
I've never imported a draft class ever, but it must be a hudge deal, it shows in about 1 out of 3 post. Maybe it will return nest season......hopefully.
# 5 iverson3 @ Jul 10
no draft class is killer but gotta love the college atmosphere in the game
# 6 RUFFNREADY @ Jul 10
I have played my share of NCAA13 thru the EA Season ticket and i can honestly say, IMO, that it's not worth $60. price tag, so if you can get the game for way less, by all means get it. Now $45 thru Amazon still isnt that great; i would say the game should be priced at $30 across the board to be fair to the consumers. A few more passing animations, and ball trajectory isnt worth the full price, for this yearly installment. while other franchises are taking huge steps forward (or already established), NCAA13 has taking a half baby step forward and doesnt garner a top pricing price tag! IMO, NCAA13 could use a lot more polish on this years version; i still see alot of the same old bugs and glitches for last years version. Is the game okay? it's fun for now; right up until Madden13 drops! lol
# 7 Aaron Ribardi @ Jul 10
For those who complain about what Ea should have down go back and play tecmo bowl and let us enjoy what we can play they make progress slowly but surely in 20 yrs what we will say they don't have the right color gatorade in the cup I wish they spent more time on crowd in stands to make that look more real instead of having five guys next to each other looking the same that is my only complaint!! maybe in 20 yrs they will get that right!!
# 8 Elgin2311 @ Jul 10
Whoever does these ratings seriously needs to watch college football. I really think they just pick up the stats from last year and just go down the list watch a few youtube highlights and give out stupid ratings. I say this because marquise lee usc wr#9 has like 10 wrs ahead of him and some would argue that hes better than robert woods usc wr #2 and hes the highest rated wr in the game. SMH
# 9 Jadakiss88 @ Jul 11
I like the game I like College Football...yea there are some things that need to be addressed but for the most part alot of the issues that plague this game plagued 12'. Call me what you want sheep, blind, stupid, whatever I buy the game to play Football. Unless they bring out a Gamebreaker 2014 or something I don't see me not buying or playing EA Sports NCAA series. But I might start buying them every two years just because I am getting old and can't keep up with all these new fangled gadgets that all you youngsters love so much LOL!!!
# 10 thedannyd @ Jul 12
I could care less about the draft export. I dont play madden. But my bro n law was fired up about this. I dont understand why they would take away a feature like this. All I have wanted is the correct/current players in the right positions. Thats why I buy every year. Call me what you will, but this is the only game worth playing. All I want is about 20x the people on the sidelines
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