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But would an NBA player respect this? 
Posted on June 30, 2019 at 12:51 AM.
Marketing Closers: The people whose job at sports video game companies is to create hype, and thus profit, for their products. Usually, they exploit the uninitiated.

In the wake of the recent unskippable TV commercial, now it is inflated attributes. Of course, inflated attributes are nothing new: It goes as far back as NBA Live 2000. They are not a problem for a sim-head like me on the surface because I play MyLeague. However, it is a nuisance.

I remember five or so years ago the promise that the 2K default roster that had inflated over the course of years would be reworked to fit a historical basketball narrative and relevance. Each new cycle I saw the bloat creeping back into the default roster: Guessing, I would say it is influenced by the casual basketball player/watcher who thinks the current leading scorer is the most complete player in history. And of course, most casuals do not play MyLeague: I think the last stats I saw said something like 11% of 2K gamers play MyLeague, so inflated attributes are aimed primarily at other play modes.

I really wish the "closers" would play some basketball simply as professional career development. Basketball generally is five people creating win-win situations for each other. Ball-hogs have never done well on any court: Professional, high school, gym pick-up, virtual or otherwise.

Perhaps 2K could have had their money commercial ("Snow Flake" I believe) if they had shared the wealth with their teammates on the other side of their servers. Instead of making the commercial unskippable, maybe 2K could have doled out a little VC to anyone watching to completion. Just an idea... I am definitely not crazy about it or anything else that is not purely basketball in a basketball video game.

2K is leaving the door ajar for EA and NBA Live: That is not bad because competition brings out the best in... competitors.

Inflated attributes are eating away at 2K's basketball credibility. What brought me to 2K6 was the silliness and absurdity that NBA Live morphed into from NBA Live 2000 until I got fed up with the sham that was NBA Live 2005. This console generation has held less satisfaction for me with the proliferation of X-Men like basketball players competing in what has ostensibly become a circus.

I really wish the "closers" could get some coaching from their company basketball heads like The Czar and Scott OG from a basketball and a marketing viewpoint. Perhaps 2K can invest in a halfcourt somewhere in or near the office so the closers can learn something and invest in themselves, and therefore in the consumers that contribute to salaries at every level of 2K. Since age 11, basketball has taught me most of what I know about group dynamics. I literally use that knowledge every day.

Serve those on the other side of the server, and you will profit.

You will win... almost always.

I promise.

I have been around basketball for a long time.

That is generally how it works.

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