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How Does This Work? Clarification Wanted 
Posted on September 9, 2020 at 05:05 PM.
Pulled this from the forum: Anyone? Anyone?


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Re: Has anyone figured out how training/progression work?
Originally Posted by mcdowell31

Just guessing here: Morale might affect ratings. Also, the Trainer is medical and I see it as a means of reducing injury.

Conversely, I read somewhere that the coaches affect player ratings. As someone who has played some type of basketball most of my life this makes sense. I was creating a roster and thought only of changing coaches' Offense and Defense. Upon reading I was definitely intrigued with coaches being more complete with updated Training ratings.

All that to say, Training and other ratings can possibly act differently depending on the personnel. This is a nuance I really wish Development would talk about and clarify. I really find Pat Riley and Danny Ainge fascinating because they should have a rating in just about every facet of basketball: Check to see what I mean.
I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but it doesn't seem to be consistent with the game.

Morale - my team's is lowest at the start of the season and increases throughout the season. Yet my players get worst over the course of the season, while dudes I traded away get better at worst teams.

Trainer - makes sense for the trainer to be medical, except the trainer level determines your number of training camps??? My trainer was an A+ and I had 4 camps, then he dropped to A and I have 3. (Is my team regressing because my trainer went from A+ to A????)

Coaches - another thing that would make so much sense if it worked! I have noticed that CPU teams in MyLeague often stick with bad coaches on expired contracts, never really upgrading their staff. Makes it easy for me to have staff with all ratings at least 'A-' yet my guys are the ones dropping hella OVR points

Unless 2k20 is the first time they used this development system, its kind of shocking that still nobody knows how it works. But maybe since the game is more of an MMO now it just isn't a priority
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