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Madden, why I play it 
Posted on June 14, 2011 at 12:51 AM.
I play Madden because nobody has decided to compete with it, so it's all we've got. Thankfully what we've got is generally pretty good though. Those that have put out football games have done little to try and get my purchase by not including any semblance of a reasonable franchise mode.

While some stay years behind, or wax philosophic about their favorite version, each iteration of Madden I've enjoyed more than the previous. Madden and NCAA are actually the easiest purchases each year for my gaming dollars, as there probably isn't any other console game I actively play for more than a couple months after they are released.

I enjoy playing franchise (and superstar) modes so much that I'll play sports I don't know just for those two particular modes.

Now if only I understood the business behind the other sports enough to enjoy them . For example, whenever I fire up NBA2k11 I have to look up what the difference between a forward and a guard is...
# 1 mirrored32 @ Jun 14
3.5 hours per week minimum * 52 weeks in a year - 182 hours per year
game costs $65
65 into 182 = .35 cents per hour to play the game.

economically, this is how i see it. of course, this is conservative for me. so it probably is more in the range of .20 cents to .35 cents.
# 2 patmaster7891 @ Jun 14
no one can compete with Madden because they signed a deal with the NFL to be the only NFL football game. 2k5 is soo much better
# 3 mestevo @ Jun 14
@mirrored32 Exactly my point about the easiest money spent every year on video games.

@patmaster7891 2k5 may be better for you, but I just can't go back and play 6-7 year old games anymore. I enjoyed 2k5, but also enjoyed Madden 05 that year, and probably enjoyed more than either of them NCAA05, the first time I tried and NCAA title.

As for competing with Madden, nobody has tried. 2k8 was incomplete (no franchise mode at all), and Backbreaker put years into developing their own types of franchise modes rather than anything resembling traditional football. A lot of resources went into both games over a number of years, I don't buy the inevitable (if this conversation continues) 'who is going to put in the resources to compete' because a lot of resources were put into both of these titles, the end result was just not satisfactory.
# 4 xITSxDAWKINSx @ Jun 14
madden is good. 2k5 was also good and if 2k would have been able to make an nfl game the past 7years i think madden might have been an nba live/elite. one day madden will have to compete with another nfl game and as a gamer who loves football i will buy the better game until then madden is the game for me. ncaa is better and i will get both this year and for the most part i will play madden online(with my 49ers) and play ncaa offline.
# 5 Eski33 @ Jun 14
People remember 2K5 more for its presentation than gameplay. Dont get me wrong, the game holds a special place because it was loaded but the gameplay itself wasnt great.

I enjoyed Madden 10 the most this generation. It was much improved over its predecessors (again, this generation). Madden 12 has me as hyped as I have ever been for a Madden game. Madden 2001 for the PS2 was the last time I was this excited.

I do agree that if 2K was able to make NFL games we would have seen better games this generation but I dont agree that Madden would have ended up like Elite. Elite was awful because EA hit the panic button. No way EA would let the flagship sink.
# 6 BigRick47 @ Jun 16
I too liked 2K5, but enjoy Madden series (most) also, but when the offer was on the table, 2K didn't come strong enough financially or we'd be seeing the same posts over the years now as we do about EA. Not everyone is going to be happy with just 1 title (especially if it wasn't the one of their choice), but everyone remember, that is what the NFL wanted...
# 7 mestevo @ Jun 17
I liked 2k5, I just can't go back and play older games like that. Getting my Dreamcast and 2k for Christmas will always be a point of nostalgia for me. If they made a followup to APF2k8 with a full franchise mode that resembled real life (the structure, not the teams) they'd have my money.

In the end I try almost every football game that comes out, only one that's disappointed is probably Backbreaker. The rest have all been worth my money at the time.
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