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OS should adopt some new rules for new members. 
Posted on July 12, 2011 at 06:04 PM.
It's days like today when OS is in dire need of new posting rules for new members. The roster section of NCAA 12 has as I type this 1806 people viewing it. A majority of those posting in the roster threads have joined in July. They are posting.. are they done yet, how so I download them, etc. I will put money on it that 50% of the new members have been banned here at least once. The remaining new members, well let's just say...are incapable of reading the rules stated or the first post in the threads. So, this leads me to suggest a few changes.

1.) Have a program in place to check IP address to make sure previously banned members cannot rejoin. That would clear up a lot of trolling.
2.) Restrict the amount of posts a new member can make per day, for a set period of time.
3.) New members are not allowed to make threads for a period time.

Now I know that this would mean a lot more work for the Mods and admin., however it would clear up a lot of garbage that gets posted.

Now for new members, those of you that are truly new...welcome. Don't mind me, this blog is directed to those that have been banned before, the trolls and those who are unable to read instructions.
# 1 uh8me @ Jul 12
I am inclined to agree. I am not a big contributor to the OS community, and thus probably not entitle to an opinion on this. That being said, I did decide to try and help the community roster guys (is saints too strong a word?) by throwing in a couple of templates. When I went into the post to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to improve what I submitted, I had to scroll thru page upon page of people asking the questions that CcAaSsOoNn had the foresight to address in the very first post. I know the mods would be worked to death to ban all of these jokers, but many of these new users responded negatively to others pointing out that they should have read the first post (some more kindly than others.) If that is how you start, what positive are you going to contribute over the long run? Also, I know it is a pet peeve of mine, but the grammar on some the posts is equal parts hilarious and disturbing.
# 2 uh8me @ Jul 12
I forgot the word "of" in my comment on the grammar. Great way to make a point, fool.
# 3 BaylorBearBryant @ Jul 13
"New members are not allowed to make threads for a period time."

This one I agree with. I'd say at least 25-50 posts.
# 4 mike24forever @ Jul 13

I think we joined around the same time, therefore we remember what it use to be like here. I expect people to have opinions, however the trolling is unbelievable. I love your idea for Blogs.


25 - 50 post would be a good start. A lot of the members that get banned, get banned early on, however there are a few exceptions.


Being a physed teacher, my grammar may not be the greatest, that being said I agree with you 100%. No one should type like they talk. For example, when people say "mines" instead of mine. I'm the king of over using commas, but the complete lack of any form of coherent use of the English language breaks my heart.

Thanks Gentlemen.
# 5 Eski33 @ Jul 13
You forgot the "spam" guy.
# 6 mike24forever @ Jul 14
It seems that I did! Lol.
# 7 Still2REal @ Jul 16
The last thing this place needs is more rules. Also they already have IP tracking. The simple thing would be to not allow people to post in the roster threads until they are done.
# 8 mike24forever @ Jul 16
Rules make it easier in the long run. It cuts down on the useless post, etc. It seems that people have no respect for self or others, so when they come to a message board they hide behind the anninimity that it provides and act like idiots. Also, 90% of the post would be cleared up if they read the first post in many threads (ie. Roster threads)

I remember what it use to be like at OS when I first joined! This stuff hardly ever happened! With strict rules, especially limiting new members the amount they can post per day and that they cannot start new threads, it would clean up a lot of the issues that happen here.
# 9 mike24forever @ Jul 17
I could not agree with voodoo anymore. You've hit the nail on the head!
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