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Posted on August 23, 2017 at 05:46 PM.
We are just a few days away from the 2017 trading deadline and several teams have some tough decisions to make. This is were we stand as far as buyers and sellers:

Red Sox 65-37 1st 3.5 gm lead over TB
needs: RHSP they just moved Joe Kelly into the rotation to replace Eduardo Rodriguez (even though he is hot) because they only had one LHRP and one RHSP

RAYS: 61-40 2nd 3.5gb (tied with NYY for WC)
needs: LHRP 2B C they have just 1 LHRP and 1 LHSP utitlity man Brad Miller is hitting just .218

YANKEES: 60-39 2nd 3.5 gb (tied with TB for WC)
needs: 5th SP Sabathia is only LHSP and he could easily be relased

INDIANS: 59-40 1st 3gm lead over KC
needs:SP Kluber is out another month, Salazar is about to return but they still need help.

ROYALS: 57-44 2nd 3gb WC = 4gb
needs: Power Bat Soler and Gordon have 2 hr each.

ASTROS: 55-46 1st 5.5 gm lead over SEA
needs: 1B/3B INF Marwin Gonzalez is at 1B but is hitting .236 with 13 hr. 3B Bregman is hitting .221. If they can get a 1B or move Beltran their they will be set.

NATS: 62-37 1st 12 gm lead over MIA
needs: C + bat off bench Lobaton and Solano suck and Werth does too

MIAMI: 50-49 2nd 12 gb 2.5 gb of COL for 2nd WC
needs: 1B+SP+LHRP Bour is hitting uner .200, Volquez, Conley, Koehler all above 4 era with Worley moved from pen to SP.

CUBS: 54-45 1st 5.5 gm lead over STL
needs: bench bat

DODGERS: 69-33 1st 12 gm lead over SFG
needs: none

GIANTS: 57-45 2nd 12 gb lead WC by 3 gm over COL
needs: 4-5th SP/OF Cain is struggling, Upton Jr very bad.

ROCKIES: 54-49 3rd 15gb WC = 2nd by 2.5 trail SFG 3gm for 1st WC
needs: 1B/OF 1B Reynolds is awful but if they can get an OF they will move Ian Desmond to 1B.

Hellickson 29-81-C (RH) 4-9, 3.27 $5M BAL

Tillman 28-76^-B (RH) 12-8, 3.50 $2M BAL

Estrada 33-82-B (RH) 6-7. 3.73 $5.8M TOR

Holland 30-71-C (LH) 4-5, 3.09 $2M CHW

Verlander 34-88-A (RH) 6-10, 4.56 $12.5-14/5 M 4yrs DET

Santana 34-85<-B (RH) 7-5. 3.38 $6.5M 1+ MIN

Shoemaker 30-83^-B (RH) 8-5, 2.51 $2.8M +2 arb yrs LAA

Nolasco 34-77^-C (RH) 6-2, 3.06 $2.1M 1+ LAA

Hamels 33-84<-B (LH) 10-2, 2.88 $11.4M 1+ TEX

Ross 29-84-B (RH) 7-6, 2.65 $3.8M TEX

Guerra 32-82^-B 7-11, 3.15 $710k +1yr rnw + 3 yr arb MIL

Chacin 29-70^-D (RH) 1-8, 2.88 $530k SD

Brach 30-84-B (RH) 3.15 43k 34 ip $2.4M BAL

O'Day 34-84-B (RH) 1.83 20k 18 ip $4.4M 2+ yrs BAL

Howell 33-74-C (LH) 3.66 $2M final TOR

Nate Jones 31-83-B (RH) 1.71 24k 21ip $4.2M 1+ CHW

CLippard 32-80-B (RH) 3.00 29k 24ip $3.7M final CHW

Machi 35-73-B (RH) 2.88 65ip $507k +2 arb yrs CHW

Boshers 28-77-C (LH) 1.52 23k 7bb 30ip $530k +rnw +3 arb MIN

Petit 32-78-C (RH) 3.33 73ip 16bb $2.7M final LAA

Parker 31-77-C (RH) 3.80 53k 47ip $590k +3 arb yrs LAA

Wright 32-79-C (LH) AAA= 0.99 45ip 2bb 30k $570k final TEX

Brothers 29-73-C (LH) 2.65 57ip 57 k $550k +1 arb ATL

Motte 34-69-C (RH) 2.11 72ip $820k final ATL

Storen 29-81-C (RH) 2.17 30k 29ip 3bb $3M final CIN

Swarzak 31-76-D (RH) 3.28 35ip 34 k 6bb $1.3M final MIL

LeBlanc 32-77-C (LH) 2.07 74ip 11bb 56k $830k =1 arb PIT

Benoit 39-76-B (RH) 0.78 $4.8M final PIT

Hand (LH) 27-73-C 2.53 $1.1M +1 arb SD

Wood (LH) 2.86 63ip 63k 67 STAM $5.2M =1 yr SD

Casilla (RH) 3.38 23 sv $2.7M +1 OAK

Britton 32-92-A (LH) 3.90 24 sv $4.2M final BAL

Flowers 31-80-B .255 8 HR $1.9M final ATL

Rupp 28-73-C .286 $560k +2 arb years PHI

Mesoraco 28-83-B .264 $6.9M +1 CIN

Vogt 32-81-B .268 12 HR @2.4M +1 arb MIL

Stewart 35-72-C .270 $2M final PIT

Abreu 30-81-B .282 12 HR 41 rbi $2.5M +2yrs CHW

Martinez 38-76-A (S) .307 8 HR 38 RBI $7.3M +1 DET

Naploi 34-74-C .255 12 HR 48 rbi $2.5M final TEX

Adams 28-85-B .280 18 HR 60 rbi $1.4M +1 arb ATL

Thames 30-81-B .269 26 HR 66 rbi $1.3M +2 yrs +1 arb MIL

Jaso 33-73-C .265 10 HR 43 rbi $1.7M

Kinsler 34-88-A .238 12 hr 42 rbi $15.9M final DET

Dozier 29-87-B .223 19hr 51 rbi $5.2M +1 MIN

Lowrie 32-72-C .270 6hr 27 rbi $2M final OAK

Phillips 35-79-B .280 9hr 46 rbi $6.2M final ATL

Walker 31-81-B .302 19 HR 44 rbi $6.8M final NYM

Blanco 32-74-C .300 $2.1M final PHI

Solarte 29-80-C .266 12HR 40 rbi $2M +1 SD

Cabrera 33-90-A .298 17HR 44 rbi $19M-26M +6 DET

Valbuena 31-80-C .287 16 HR 50 rbi $2.8M +1 LAA

Garcia .274 12HR 30 rbi $530k +3 arb yrs ATL


Pearce 33-81-B .260 15 HR 40 rbi $2.7M +1 TOR

Maybin 29-79-C .287 10HR 31 rbi $5.2M final LAA

Khris Davis 29-81-B .229 18HR 45rbi $2.5M +arb OAK

Bruce 29-81-C .274 26 HR 65 rbi $6M final NYM

Granderson 36-82-B .246 20hr 51 rbi $5.3M NYM
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