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2020 Rock Bottom 59-103 CUBS-clev 
Posted on September 10, 2017 at 11:47 PM.
Finally, we hit rock bottom. We went with a mix of young guys and vets. LF Stewart .299 finished 2nd ROY and SP Alexander 10-11, 3.14 finished 3rd. SS Young .273 also had a great R year. Vet LF Revere led the league in SB (44) top 10 in avg (.294) H (181) 2nd in DBL (44) but was just not dynamic enough to deal at the deadline. Fulmer went 10-8, 2.80 and Zimmermann had a decent year 3.06 but was hurt at the deadline so he couldn't be dealt. While Cabrera is slowing down he still had a good yar .275, 18hr 73 rbi but those aren't $20-$30 M a year nymbers. RF Castellanos .270, 15 hr 78 rbi is probably our best non P traid bait. Daniel Norris 7-16, 3.96 is on the verge of being traded while future star Faedo had a rough R season at 4-19, 5.17 and CP Jimenez had 25 sv but a 9.08 era. The future is bright as our prospect list is growing but we may suck for a few more years. We tied with CHW and SDP for worst record. We are listed above CHW in our division so I'm assuming we don't get the 1st pick.

AL East
1. NYY 101-61 2. BAL 92-70 3. BOS 86-76 TOR 85-77 TB 75-87

AL Central
1. CLE 88-74 2. KC 84-78 3. MIN 82-80 4. DET 59-103 5. CHW 59-103

AL West
1.HOU 91-71 2.TEX 85-77 3.SEA 82-80 4.LAA 81-81 5. OAK 69-93

NL East
1. NYM 98-64 2.MIA 81-81 3.WAS 81-81 4.PHI 73-89 5.ATL 67-95

NL Central
1.CHC 102-60 2.STL 80-83 3.PIT 77-85 4.MIL 69-93 5.CIN 68-94

NL West
1.LAD 118-44 2.SFG 92-70 3.COL 77-85 4.ARI 71-91 5.SDP 59-103

SEP/OCT: 59-103 (15-18)

AAA: 84-59 1st 2B Park (#4) SP Kinney (#32)
RF Ayala .325* 25hr 83 rbi 179 H* 40dbl* 92 R* 87bb* .418 OB*
.548 slug* .966 OPS*
2B Park .303 / RF Acevedo .284 13hr / C Ramiro .283 11hr 73rbi
CF Azocar .282 / LF Babcock .273 / 2B Carney .272
CF Hill .262
SP Manning 10-9, 3.76 189K* 167ip / RP Keys 1.73 / RP Santana 1.77
RP Ravenelle 2.03 / RP Gomes 2.11 / RP Liles 3.18 /
SP Kinney 13-6, 3.28 / SP Baez 13-9 3.31 / SP Funkhouser 3.56
SP Long 9-7 3.70 / SP Burrows 13-8 3.73 / SP Santos 13-8, 3.76

AA: 68-72 5th 11 gb 2B Rosales top prospect (unranked)
SP Santana 13*-11 3.39 / SP Alaniz 12-8, 2.18* 4 SO* 4 CG* 33bb*
0.99 whip* / RP Sanchez 1.81 / SP Little 7-11, 3.51 /
SP Cordova 10-9, 3.56 / RP Morillo 3.64 / SP Hill 10-8 2.92, 179K* 188 ip *
1B Ashton .292 / RF Rubio .286 / RF Stein .285 / LF Worthing .282
C Miller .280 / LF Ramirez .278 / 2B Rosales .260

AUGUST:44-85 (7-21) last 26.5gb worst in MLB (CHW 46)

JULY: 37-64 (10-14) 4th 19.5gb 2nd worst MLB

JUNE: 27-50 (10-17) 4th 20 gb 3rd worst in MLB (CHW, SD)

May: 17-33 (7-22) 4th 15.5 gb 14th AL

APRIL: 10-11 3rd 2gb RANK 30, P21, pwr 30, D 28, con 24
after starting 0-5 we end winning 5 of 6 to almost get to .500.
Park is #3 prospect Faedo #11 SP Kinney #37

The Tigers MLB team is not is going to rely on two R most likely. If either Faedo or Alexander falter in ST or early on Greene will step in. The pne is not very good but Jimenez has a chance to take over the CP role early and for a long time. They probably won't score much. The offense is bad, the bench is awful and unless Miggy has a Triple Crown year they won't get to 70.

BAL gets CF Zimmer from CLE for C Sisco
PHI gets RP Rico Ramirez from BOS for C Logan Moore

- What to do with the rotation: Zimmermann will be let go after his contract expires. Right now my '21 rotation is Norris, Faedo, Alexander, Fulmer and either Manning or another prospect . This means I'll have to make a decision about Norris long term and maybe a few of the other guys. With only have an 10+ pick in the draft I'm not going to have a BC SP for a few years to hold a spot for.
- I let Rondon go. Well, I tried to think about it and then he signed with LAA right away. This leaves me with a bullpen dilemma, I let Hardy go but will probably bring up Liles as my LH. Greene has a chance to be in the rotation if someone goes down or if one of the rookies struggle. I have Ferrell, Nesbitt, Joe Jiminez to decide about. I think I'll give Jiminez the CP job and put Fereell as a SU or MRP. He isn't in our long term plans. We have at least 3 21 or younger guys that are D level so we need to draft more. Alex Wilson, Ferrell, Nesbitt, Greene are all in jeopardy of not returning. We need to be sure to have depth. I might have to start not nigning draftees.
- I decided to sign Castellenos. He had an amazing year. He could be trade bait next season or even this off season. I don't want to do the same thing as every other time where I don't have any vets on the team and have to sign FA ones at the deadline of the off season just to fill a spot. But I do have Collins and Stewart to fill in right now if need be. Revere will be gone after this season so Babcock can take his spot.
- Last year, just before the start of the season, I signed a few INF to make sure I had depth. These vets Garcia and one more were not good but were just placeholders. Now I have to decide if I have enough depth to cut them loose. I think with Young at SS to start and maybe Park as well we will have MLB depth. I might have to get some AAA guys or AAA as the situation requires. Machado is a back up and Candeleiro can play 3B.
- WIlson is re signed but Rondon signs with LAA
- One of our biggest dilemmas is whether or not to re sign RP Rondon and RP Wilson. Wilson is 33-78-C and while he doesn't strike out a lot of guys he had a 2.56 era. Rondon is 29-80-C was 1-8, 4.88 era but had 48 sv and 77 K in 55 ip. Both are qualified.

Free Agents:
C d'Arnaud BOS 5 yr $71 M
2B Altuve WAS 7 yr $186 M
SP Cole SFG 6 yr $164 M
CF Marte NYM 4 yr $52 M
SP Keuchel SFG 2 yr $29 M
LF Ozuna LAA 3 yr $23 M
CF Eaton SFG 2yr $13 M
2B Josh Harrison 1 yr $7 M

Retired -
1B Tellez 25-73-C TOR torn acl
LF Donte Fagan 22-54-B MIN torn acl
CF Cesar Garcia 23-63-B LAD dislocated ankle
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