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2020 DRAFT 
Posted on September 13, 2017 at 07:33 AM.
We have the 9th pick in the draft but this season we our on our way to securing a top 5 pick next season. We are horrible. We have several needs.

FIRST ROUND: at #9 there are still 3 BC left and is gives us a dilemma. One is LF Sean Sample 20-70-80-21 He can also play 3B and SS so he is so tempting to take. The other is a guy I wanted to take last year but he didn't come out and that is LHCP Elijah Halter 21-65-80-21. He is a strikout machine who doesn't give up hits. He could be amazing. But, I have to take Sample. There is nothing like a versatile kid who can hit.

MLB Draft - Round 1 Recap
1Fraz Javery RF
2Robert AvilaCF
3Johnnie HubleSP
4Sergio ChavezSP
5Angel PilleroSP
6Bob CampCP
7Luis Sanchez1B
8Alonso WoodsonCP
9Sean SampleLF
10Elijah HalterCP
11Tyrone BeanCP
12Willy PaniaguaC
13Junior MajorCF
14CHris VarelaCP
15Dallas GarlandRP
16Hershel Hines CP
17Eddy VickersC
18Derrek WardenRP
19Marshall Harris C
20Ramon AlmanzaRP
21Gino SanchezRP
22Monty Mudd2B
23Todd GunnSP
24Kevin LockhartRP
25Edgar EscobarCP
26Lee VillafuertaRP
27John OrloskiRP
28Billy KleinRF


MLB Draft - COMP Round Recap
1HOUMichael Deboe2B
2PITPaul McMahon1B

SECOND ROUND: We decide to go with 3B Mario Pacheco 22-65-80-22
He has a chance to be a stuf power hitter

MLB Draft - COMP Round Recap
1CINRicky HoughSP
2SDBarrack BerkowitzRP
3CHWSam McNally RP
4OAKChad Ramos1B
5ATL Diego LozanoSS
6MINRob JImenezCF
7PHIRob JimenezCF
8SEAJeff SpanglerRP
9DETMario Pacheco3B
10TEXDave WigginsRP
11ARIKeenan HaasSP
12TBMilo TysonSP
13HOUMichael Bracken2B
14PITFernando EscobarSP
15NYMJimmy CostaSS
16WASTom FurilloSP
17KCEmmett Dove2B
18MILAdrian DuttonRP
19MIAJames VenturaSP
20NYYWill CasillaSP
21SFGDavid AlfonzoRP
22BAL Darrell DionysCP
23COLNapoleon DaltonSP
24BOSAlexi Lozano2B
25TORRick McHughRF
26CHCWilliam MullisRP
27CLETodd AnderskowSP
28LAATrey Matlock 3B
29STLSonny SaldanaSP
30LADEric McDonoughRP

THIRD ROUND: LHCP Chad Conway 22-65-75-22
We need LHRP and he can be a set up guy. We pass on some 80 pot guys with low accracy but I think he is worth it.

MLB Draft - Round 3 Recap
1CINRolando MartinezSP
2SDNick VogelC
3CHWClifford Hook2B
4OAKGarrett HogueRP
5ATL Chad WatsonRP
6MINKenny McMahonSP
7PHIWilliam Elder1B
8SEALorenzo RiveraSP
9DETChad ConwayCP
10TEXRich DennisCF
11ARIWilly Mitre3B
12TBJohnnie LuisSP
13HOUDirk Cherry1B
14PITAndres CastoSP
15NYMScottie EzellRP
16WASDomingo DominguezRP
17KCAlton MoonRP
18MILJosh TovarC
19MIAAnthony CalzadoRP
20NYYKevin WIgginsRP
21SFGMarcos SalasSP
22BAL Freddy DOrta1B
23COLMark NapierRP
24BOSJason Crespo2B
25TORRafael MercadoRP
26CHCRamon ArmasC
27CLELou Casto RP
28LAAGordon LedbetterSS
29STLElliot Griffin1B
30LADGene WoodSP

FOURTH ROUND: C Billy Eddy 20-5-80-24+
We need C depth and he is the highest rated

MLB Draft - Round 4 Recap
1CINTodd AvilesSS
2SDHoward AnthonyRP
3CHWBarry PressleySP
4OAKClinton Pate1B
5ATL ANdres FrancoSP
6MINPablo Perez2B
7PHIJuan MontesCF
8SEARob HammSS
9DETBilly EddyC
10TEXBruno FrancoRP
11ARIJoe Herrera2B
12TBEverett GuillorySS
13HOUAdrian EstradaRP
14PITRyan BloomquistRP
15NYMForrest DonovanRP
16WASRickey MartinezRP
17KCRino RosalesSP
18MILJames GutuCF
19MIADarell BanningSS
20NYYJames HillSP
21SFGDanny RallyRP
22BAL Bruno MarquezSS
23COLAhmad AllygerRF
24BOSMichael Barretto1B
25TORThomas McConnellSP
26CHCDave DopsonSP
27CLEMariano EscobadoSP
28LAAMitchel JimenezRP
29STLTommy Terrell RP
30LADDamon EstradaRP

FIFTH ROUND: RP Derrek Spencer21-70-80-21
low injury, 80 brk, 80 velo, 80 control. could be a diamond in the rough.

MLB Draft - Round 5 Recap
1CINFelix RaimoSP
2SDRich Chavez RP
3CHWFreddie RamirezSS
4OAKAlex Rosales1B
5ATL Doug BowyerRP
6MINArmando FrancoSP
7PHIRickey LamonsSP
8SEAMariano OrtegaRP
9DETDerrek SpencerRP
10TEXFred WoodardSP
11ARIOrlando CamposRP
12TBJohnny Harris3B
13HOUJohnny Barlow2B
14PITJackie Barnes1B
15NYMRyan Baker3B
16WASSandy Roberts SP
17KCHerb SalinasRF
18MILRoger Montano3B
19MIADarren CohenRP
20NYYEddy OrdonezSP
21SFGEdgar ManuelSP
22BAL Marty GlavisSP
23COLSean McCordRP
24BOSRichard Choo3B
25TORGrant BergerRp
26CHCJason Dugan1B
27CLEJim BannisterSP
28LAAJason Allison3B
29STLJames Cho3B
30LADKen FuentesSP

SIXTH ROUND: SS Kevin Gaskins 21-55-80-24+

MLB Draft - Round 6 Recap
1CINDavid RosalesC
2SDDaniel VargasCF
3CHWBert HewittLF
4OAKDomenic Nobles1B
5ATL William TanRP
6MINLewis Petty RP
7PHIChris PalaciosSS
8SEATravis BaggettLF
9DETKevin GaskinsSS
10TEXKen BowyerRP
11ARIBen CaballeroSP
12TBJorge Batista3B
13HOUTerence MalaskaRP
14PITRobin KeysSP
15NYMSandy Wiles2B
16WASJonathan Vickers3B
17KCJaime DiazRP
18MILRafael GomezSP
19MIAJoshua McBeth SP
20NYYTom Chen1B
21SFGDaniel OjedaRP
22BAL Greg RandophSP
23COLAlfredo Chavez1B
24BOSRob AhlswedaSP
25TORSteve WierSP
26CHCAaron Rich RP
27CLEWillard Lozano3B
28LAAMitch PollardSP
29STLAlfonso MOrteroSP
30LADDino GonzalezSP

7th ROUND: RP Robert Hoover 22-65-70-22

We had a B draft. Sample is 73-93 and looks to be a solid player right away. Our next 2 were reaches: Pacheco has some power but is 59-77 and CP Conway is 63-78. He could easily jump up with a few strong seasons. C Eddy is 82 but is just a 48 now so it is a project. RP Spencer is 63-79 so he could be a B guy soon as well but our steal is SS Gaskins 58-88 with 81 con vs LH and has god vision and disipline.

LHCP Halter 73-93 - SEA / SP Huble 71-93 - CHW

MIA SP McBeth 69-89-6th rnd /
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