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The South Beach Turnaround 
Posted on January 12, 2018 at 02:04 PM.
With all the controversy surrounding the Marlins this off season they are now one of the perfect teams to take over in this game (Reds, SD, ATL, OAK and DET being my others).
With the sell off of Stanton, Gordon, and Ozuna already complete and the impeding Castro trade I think it will be a rock bottom team with little minor league help. The problem with MIA before the Stanton trade was that their outfield was too good (Stanton, Ozuna, Yellich) and they were all in their kid 20’s and signed to longer contracts. This meams a rebuilding project with your own stamp on it was tough. They had enough talent to compete and thus never were able to finish below SD, ATL, OAK or CIN for a top pick. They were always middle of the pack.
Now, 2/3 of that young outfield are gone and the prospect return wasn’t too good. This is easily one of the bottom tiered teams.

IRL Derek Jeter has taken over the team with a few other owners and has gutted the team. Finally, after years of having too big of contracts, the Marlins are going full rebuild. At one point, the Marlins were one of the worst teams to try to rebuild. They had the best young pitcher in the game in Jose Fernandez, the best young position player in the NL in Stanton and a few veterans like Dee Gordon ('15 batting champ) to go along with some top prospects (Ozuna and Yellich) which made them a young power. In order to rebuild you'd have to unrealistically trade those top players. While Fernandez was constantly rumored to be dealt, his death at the end of 2015 set the franchise back not only emotionally but baseball wise. Instead of being able to get a massive prospect haul for him, or even draft pick compensation if he left via free agency, the Marlins got nothing.
Then, with the signings of Stanton and Yellich and Ozuna to long term deals, the Marlins were set up nice. However, the money never panned out as the stadium was never full and paying those contracts were impossible. Jeter dealt Stanton to the Yankees for sub par prospects and Ozuna to the Cardinals for a few decent ones. Yellich is on the market and Castro (obtained in the Stanton deal from NYY) has asked to be dealt because he doesn't want to be a part of another rebuild like with the Cubs.
I am going to trade the top players and complete the rebuild. I am going to try to make smart and sensible trades that don't escalate the rebuild too quickly. I am hoping to build mostly through the draft and small trades. I will not sign young FA unless they are Miami locals or want to be there.

We have a young roster with four 19 year olds, and 23 players under 25.
Coming off the books after this season will be Ichiro (43) and we'll try to deal CP Ziegler (37, 2 yr deal) and SS Aviles (36) and just 3 other players in their 30's that are signed for 2018
7 of our top 10 players are in their 20's but only Yelich, Barraclough and Realmuto have a shot at being on the team when the rebuild is complete.

Our top young player is #35 prospect LHSP Braxton Garrett 19-65-A. He doesn't throw hard but is a special talent that could be the best pitcher in Miami history. He has lofty expectations but might never play for a top team. Time will tell if he is used as a chip in the puzzle that is the Miami rebuild.
Other top prospects include LHP Tyler Kolek and Jarlin Castro.
CF Miller and Sierra have MLB potential.

The bullpen is 15/15 and the youngest is 24. This needs to be rebuilt and quickly.
The CP is very weak after Ziegler

C and 1B are weak and old. 2B is bad and 3B is worse. While CF has 10 players they only have 2-3 that project to be full time MLB players.
RF has just Suzuki and Moises Sierra 28-62-C. It is going to be a long road but it will have to come from the pitching. That is job one.

First, I traded Volquez. He was released after the ‘17 season IRL so I dealt him to STL (SP Reyes out 60 days)
CF Magnieus Sierra whom IRL Miami got for Ozuna. Not sure why he wasn’t in the roster already since this updated roster was after he Bruce to NYM signing on 1/11.
Sierra is 21-60-C
RP Rowan Wick is 24-66-C and is 99 mph. I project him as an SU or CP
He has 72 k/9 and 64 H/9. He has 91 brk with a Slider. His 60 durability is what projects him as a CP/SU as well as his FB

I'd like to deal Castro but his avg has dipped and his contract isn't friendly. I may have to release him if I can't find a realistic deal. Either way, I'm not going to get better than two C's for him.

The question will be whether or not to deal OF Yellich and/or C Realamuto. Those will probably be money driven. While both are under 27, neither will likely be around by the time we are good again. So, the time to strike on a deal for them may be right now.

- I made the trade of Cole going from PIT to HOU for Moran, Musgrove and Felix. While I won't do every deal, I'll try to do some that are meaningful. I'm not sure if I'll put Adrian Gonzalez on the Mets or not. Some of the roster was a little off, like Sierra not being on our roster but yet the Cards had Ozuna. (They were traded for each other).

2017 DRAFT
We have the 9th pick and have a shot at a Blue Chip player. So far after a few sims We've had a shot at either a CF with little power but great speed and high average potential, a few SP who are 2021+ prospects. One of the top players is a 2B who is 2018 ETA is a BC and could be a solid get. We have plenty of SP though some will be let go, we will be able to get into the top picks for a quick to the majors pitcher later in the franchise once we get really bad. The chances of us getting an infielder that is a Blue Chip is slim.
We are going to try to replenish the pen with 2nd through 7th rounders that are RP. We will also try to sign the blue chips that are CP as we go as well.
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