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The South Beach Turnaround 
Posted on January 12, 2018 at 03:04 PM.
With all the controversy surrounding the Marlins this off season they are now one of the perfect teams to take over in this game (Reds, SD, ATL, OAK and DET being my others).
With the sell off of Stanton, Gordon, and Ozuna already complete and the impeding Castro and Yellich trades, I think it will be a rock bottom team with little minor league help. The problem with MIA before the Stanton trade was that their outfield was too good (Stanton, Ozuna, Yellich) and they were all in their mid 20ís and signed to longer contracts. This means a rebuilding project with your own stamp on it was tough. They had enough talent to compete and thus never were able to finish below SD, ATL, OAK or CIN for a top pick. They were always middle of the pack.
Now, 2/3 of that young outfield are gone and the prospects return wasnít too good. This is easily one of the bottom tiered teams.

IRL Derek Jeter has taken over the team with a few other owners and has gutted the team. Finally, after years of having too big of contracts, the Marlins are going full rebuild. At one point, the Marlins were one of the worst teams to try to rebuild. They had the best young pitcher in the game in Jose Fernandez, the best young position player in the NL in Stanton and a few veterans like Dee Gordon ('15 batting champ) to go along with some top prospects (Ozuna and Yellich) which made them a young power. In order to rebuild you'd have to unrealistically trade those top players. While Fernandez was constantly rumored to be dealt, his death at the end of 2015 set the franchise back not only emotionally but baseball wise. Instead of being able to get a massive prospect haul for him, or even draft pick compensation if he left via free agency, the Marlins got nothing.
Then, with the signings of Stanton and Yellich and Ozuna to long term deals, the Marlins were set up nice. However, the money never panned out as the stadium was never full and paying those contracts were impossible. Jeter dealt Stanton to the Yankees for sub par prospects and Ozuna to the Cardinals for a few decent ones. Yellich is on the market and Castro (obtained in the Stanton deal from NYY) has asked to be dealt because he doesn't want to be a part of another rebuild like with the Cubs.
I am going to trade the top players and complete the rebuild. I am going to try to make smart and sensible trades that don't escalate the rebuild too quickly. I am hoping to build mostly through the draft and small trades. I will not sign young FA unless they are Miami locals or want to be there.

We have a young roster with four 19 year olds, and 23 players under 25.
Coming off the books after this season will be Ichiro (43) and we'll try to deal CP Ziegler (37, 2 yr deal) and SS Aviles (36) and just 3 other players in their 30's that are signed for 2018
7 of our top 10 players are in their 20's but only Yelich, Barraclough and Realmuto have a shot at being on the team when the rebuild is complete.

Our top young player is #35 prospect LHSP Braxton Garrett 19-65-A. He doesn't throw hard but is a special talent that could be the best pitcher in Miami history. He has lofty expectations but might never play for a top team. Time will tell if he is used as a chip in the puzzle that is the Miami rebuild.
Other top prospects include LHP Tyler Kolek and Jarlin Castro.
CF Miller and Sierra have MLB potential.

The bullpen is 15/15 and the youngest is 24. This needs to be rebuilt and quickly.
The CP is very weak after Ziegler

C and 1B are weak and old. 2B is bad and 3B is worse. While CF has 10 players they only have 2-3 that project to be full time MLB players.
RF has just Suzuki and Moises Sierra 28-62-C. It is going to be a long road but it will have to come from the pitching. That is job one.


So I decided to start over the Marlins franchise after the Astros trade for Gerrit Cole and the Giatsn geting McCutchen. Now at this point Christian Yelich, Starlin Castro and JT Realamuto Have all requested to be treated. I decided to keep each one of them to this point.

I am at the end of April and I am 7-17 which has me last in the National League East. I am going to try to trade each one of those players since in real life they have requested trades. However, I donít think I will get much for Volquez and may even consider simply releasing him because thatís what happened in real life after the 2017 season and I'm trying to make it as close to real life as possible once I start the season.

In this particular roster the Cardinals do you have Marcel Ozuna. However I do not have the prospects in return. They are still on the Cardinals. So I am rectifying that via a trade. I am going to trade them a lesser player for the players that were in the deal. Those players are
Zack Gallen 21-58-C
Sandy Alcantara 21-62-B
Magneuris Sierra 21-58-B
(on 60 day dl)

In return I send them
LF JB Shuck
SP Omar Bencomo
RP Drew Rucinski
None of these guys are good but not giving me the players involved in the Ozuna trade wasnít fair. They get an OF and I clear two pitching spots.

Edindson Volquez (33-80-B) is 2-6 with a 6.54 in mid May so I send him down. He is out of options so I have to pass him through waivers.

So my scouting department sucks pretty bad I have two West scout sent to central scouts and for some reason I canít figure out how to fire them and replace them with better scouts. One of them is decent with 8684 efficient for you discovery and a 79 on the position players rating. But he is just 39 on pictures. Another in the central region is 86-75 with a 62 on pictures but I weigh 47 or position players the other two scouts are in the low 50s even in the 40s when I comes to efficiency and discovery.

In pre-draft scouting there our 22 blue Chip prospects. With seven of them being starting pitchers zero RP and six closing pictures it look like Iíll be taking a pitcher with my first pick. However there are three first baseman available, two third base, two short stop, one center fielder. So, hopefully Iíll have a chance to take a position player with my first pick to help boost my rebuild.

By the time we pick first 13th overall, there are only four blue-chip players available. One closing pitcher, two shortstops and 1/3 baseman. The only player that isnít projected to be in the MLB before 2021+ is the closing pitcher Jared Cloud. He is a right hander who throws not too hard but has four pitches including a change-up which I like yes the potential of 80 and k per nine break and looks to have decent control. he is an easy sign for us where as the shortstop that I would want Allen Berg would be too hard to sign.

-Volquez claimed off waivers by CHW. I could have revoked him but decided not to. I could have made a trade but it would be too easy to get players for the rebuild.

Arizona - 1b (Goldy our 36 days) C
LAD - maybe OF (3b Turner out 45 days)
SFG - SP (Cain+Blach struggle) OF (Pence 60 days
BOS - SP (Porcello+Pomeranz struggling
NYY - SU (LH Shreve struggling) another bat. Probably 1b

Iím trying to decide about Yellich. He wanted to be traded and wonít be on the team next year. So do I get something for him at the deadline now or wait and see what I can get in the off season? Well, in the off season the top young players are not signed early so it would be tough.
Iíll try to deal him now. Seattle is the best fit and they have at least one player that I didnít get in the IRL trade of Dee Gordon: SP Nick Neidert a top 50(?) and I could get another top 50 (#24) RF Lewis.

The Deal:
SEA gets OF Yellich 25-89-B .288 8 hr 41 rbi
RP Dustin McGowan 35-67-C

MIA gets SP Neidert 20-65-A
1B Nellie Rodriguez 22-60-C
RF Kyle Lewis 21-68-A (Top 50) #24

I decided that BOS needed an SP and wouldnít stand pat on their rotation IRL. With Dan Straily being cheap at $510 K and three years of control he is very attractive to them.
They were in on Matt Harvey but his injury history scared them off. I was willing to swoop in and give them Straily on the cheap before Detroit could make a deal with Anibal Sanchez. He is also making $3.4 M and would only be a rental as he is a free agent, KC could deal Vargas ($5.5 M) or Hammel ($4.7 M), TEX Fister ($3.5 M 2 yrs) Moore ($3.8 M)
ATL Kazmir ($5.3 2 yrs) McCarthy ($2.3M)
Dickey (3.2 M) or even PHI Buchholz ($4.0 M)
All are having good years but I had the cheapest and youngest player.
They also are 7.5 gb in the division and 5 gb in the wild card so if they donít make it to the playoffs they still get a pitcher for next year.

The Deal:
BOS gets SP Dan Straily 28-79-C 3-7, 2.80

MIA gets Ss Michael Chavis 21-64-B (AA .205)
RP Williams Jerez 23-56-C (AA 1.50 era) LH

Now I need to look to deal:

LAD 1b Bellinger out 2 months
SEA CF Dyson out for season
SFG McCutchen 10 day inflamed hip
ARI 2b Descalso 60 broken arm
NYY Rp Warren out with shoulder/ SP Garcia out for season with torn pectoral

I made a few trades and upgraded the bullpen for the Yankees, and got the Dodgers a 1st baseman/utility player in Trevor Plouffe of TB.
I also got the A's some prospects by getting rid of 1B Chris Carter.

- Several big time players with high salaries go on waivers

- figured out how to fire scouts and now have:
INT - David Worth, 87 P 80 pos 73 Dis 95 Eff
West Myles Simon: 52 P 82 pos 78 eff 88 dis
East Mickey Novoa 79 P 98 pos 90 eff 53 dis
CEN Milton Downing 80 P 50 pos 80 eff 89 dis

This is a big step forward for our development of player.

- At the end of July I am 40-65, last in the NL East 14th in the NL (CIN 35 W) and 27th in MLB (CHW 31, KC 37). The A's (41) Tigers (42) Braves (42) SD (44) NYM (4t) and PIT (46) are all within striking distance of each other. We could be looking at a race to the bottom from here on out. We are ranked 30th overall and last in Pitching, Power 29th in Defense, 27th in Contact but 11th in speed. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

- 8/1 CLE C Yan Gomes 60 days, broken shin
LAD SP Yu Darvish 10 day strained bicep. I Figure a strained bicep is worse than a 10 day stint so I move him to 60 and look to deal for a pitcher.

- 8/3 SFG Gorkys Hernandez out 2 weeks. Could be an OF trade situation for them ... I deal A's OF Khris Davis to SFG who offers SP Andrew Suarez, LF Sandro Fabian, C Trevor Brown. Easy, done.

- 8/5 ARI SS Chris Owings out 3 months. DET has 2B/3B Omar Infante 35-66-C in AAA and not on the 40. ARI has a lot of utility guys like Adam Rosales but they have no bench help. They offer CP Silvino Bracho and 2B Daniel Lockhart 24-55-C for both. Good deal for Tigers to build depth.

- 8/20 MIN OF Rosario is out for the season. MIN is 3 gb in the division and the fans are clammoring for a deal.
DET sends them SP Annibal Sanchez and OF denDeckker for RF Alex Kirlloff and SP Lewis Thorpe

- At the end of August I am 47-86 and last in NL East by 32 games. Still second to worst in NL to CIN (45) but now only CHW (38) is worse and KC (50) is a solid three games clear. The #3 pick would be great.

- 9/5 The AAA Baby Cakes (85-57, 1st) and AA Jumbo Shrimp (40-30 2nd but 1st half winner) make the minor league playoffs.
AAA - SP: Conley 3.38
O'Grady 9-5, 2.01 ( Kickham 7-4, 2.67 Neidert (TOP 50) 6-4, 3.48
Locke 9-8, 3.28 Gunkel 2.59 Smith 3.56

RP Sampson 7-3, 2.88 Lobstein 8-2, 2.06 Guerrero 2.35
CP Ellignton 3.17 64 k 54 ip 44 sv league leader

hitters: 2B Green .292 1B Moore .283 SS Elmore .272
RF Lewis (TOP 50) .269 finishes as #10 prospect

SP: Garrett 16-5, 153 k 200 ip 1.44 era 1st in IP, WHIP, BB, ERA, W, and finishes as #41 prospect
Alcantara 11-9 3.01 Rogers (TOP 50) 11-4, 2.27 (3rd) #40 prospect
Peters 10-12, 3.57 Gallen 5-6, 2.88 Brighan 5-0, 2.39
Kolek 3.14

RP Jerez 2.09
CP Gonzalez 42 sv 1st in league 1.96

HITTERS: 2B Yarbrough .304 15 HR Led LG in AVG, OPS, Slug %
3B Nelson .290 C Cabrera .289 C Nola .285 1B Rodriguez .278
2B Mooney .268 3B Anderson .267 LF Dead .263 CF Hernandez .263

- 9/6 CUBS OF Jason Heyward out for season with a shoulder tear. I might be able to find a trade for them.
SFG RP Derrick Law out 2 months
ARI SP Corbin out 2 weeks, SP Godley breaks arm out 2 months. Thought about making a trade but they are nearly out of it

- 9/16 Jumbo Shrimp win AA series with dominant pitching
AAA Baby Cakes fall in semis

We are young and not very good. That is the bottom line. We finished 58-104 last in the NL East by 40 gm. We are second worst in the NL to CIN (56-106) and will be picking third in the draft after CHW won just 49 games.
We finished ranked as the worst overall organization and last in Pitching and Power, the two biggest keys to winning these days, 29th in defense and 27th in contact with finishing 13th in speed.

A lot of question surround this team as the stands were empty all season and their best player Castro made it clear in the pre season he wanted out. He performed well by winning a Gold Glove with a .287 avg and a career best 26 hr to go along with 75 rbi. The question will be if we can deal him in the off season with a $14.3 M contract for 2 more seasons. I think I can and don't think I'll be able to get much back since everyone knows he wants out. He is 27-91-B.

Another Vet signed for 2 more seasons is utility man Prado (33-80-C).
He hit .279 with 11 hr while providing good clubhouse leadership. His $3.3 M salary shouldn't be too hard to move. He has been a good soldier so sending him to a contender would do good by him.

We have another 2 years of control for 1B Justin Bour 28-77-C who hit
.260 but mashed 25 hrs and won the Gold Glove.
We also have two years of control with our top trade bait in C Realmuto 26-83-C who hit .253 but also 19 hr and is a good catcher.

We'll try to make deals for SP Chen 31-75-C who rebounded with a 3.57 era after a slow start eliminated him from trade talks. He has three years remaining at a bargain of %3.5 M. That's very cheap for a SP.

I was hoping for a big year from CP Ziegler 37-64-B but while he had 30 saves for a 58 win team he struck out just 29 in a 44 ip and 5.32 season. If he doesn't retire I'll just let his contract expire after next season. No way I should get anything for him.

That means I have 11 players signed for next season 5 are on the MLB roster. However, I do have a lot of young and talented players.
Before the season we had no players in the top 100 IRL and just SP Garrett in the top 50 in the game. After the season we have RF Lewis #12 and Rogers and Garrett # 35+36. Hopefully, some of our draft picks will be there soon as well.

September Call Ups:
- Adam Conley 26-75-C struck out 17 in 15 IP over 3 starts
- CP Gonzalez goes 11.2 ip with 5 K and a 3.86 era in 9 gm
- CP Ellington get an IP and got a K without giving up a run
- 1B Rodriguez got 26 AB and hit .269 with 2 HR

The Future:
I have about 8 players competing for the 5 SP spots on only Chen is above 30 and he will most likely be dealt. I have a few young guys who got their feet wet this season (Nellie Rogers, Green, Hinshaw) and with trades and drafts I have a solid group of young players. Now, I just have to get the coaches to teach them and develop them and turn them into Marlins and turn the Marlins into winners.

I decided to not only manage my roster and purge it of the older and lower rated players, but to also take a bigger role in other teams'rosters as well. I mean, I am using 30 team control, after all.
So far I have gone through all the NL teams to my right and have stopped at TOR. I am going to go through each team and rid them of their bad players.
Some of the reason they would not sign some of their draft picks is because they would be over the 90 player limit, then want to re sign some of their highly rated but old players. This didn't make sense to me. Some teams, like the Mets, would sign three or four older players that would be blocking younger players. I got sick of this and decided to remedy it.

I'm going to try to make sure that nobody makes any silly FA signings as well. For example if a team is in the running for a FA that they already have plenty of signed at the position, I'll become that team and withdraw the offer.

I'm hoping to make this franchise as realistic, roster wise, as possible.
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