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Trade Deadline Value 
Posted on July 17, 2019 at 10:12 PM.
In late June of 2018 (2019) we are out of it. It is time to start thinking of the players to deal.

STL gets LHSP Chen
MIA gets LF Arozarena + RP Leone

BOS gets 1B Cabrera
DET gets LHSP Darwinzon Hernandez + RP Durbin Feltman

BOS 72-37 1st by 2.5gm NEED: 3B
or Harrison: CF Brennan + RP Durbin
UPON FURTHER REVIEW: Boston has Devers at 1B, he will be sent down and they will go after a 1B.
traded with AZ for 2 RP (1rp, 1LP)

NYY: 68-38 2.5 gb lead WC by 10gm

MIN: 59-48 1st 5gm Have 5 players on 60 DL, 2 OFS NEED: SP (LHSP), LHRP, C
for Theibar: CP Ames
FOR Hardy: RF English
FOR ZIM: RP Weiss or SP Jong+English or 1B Raley+SS Hamilton

CLE: 53-52 2nd 5 gb WC 3rd, 5gb NEED: RP, C, OF

HOU: 73-35 1st by 13gm NEED: LHSP, LHRP (none)
for Thielbar: SP Bostick + RP Ferell
For Hardy: RP Ferrell +1B Jones

LAA: 59-48 2nd WC by 5 gm, 10 gb Ohtani out 3 months NEED: 5th SP, LHRP
For Thielbar: 1B Walsh or LF Foster

ATL: 60-45 1st 0.5gm NEED: pen? CP? Ace?
for Hardy: RF Curcio

WAS: 60-46 2nd 0.5gm WC, tied for 1st with CHC NEED: C, 1B, power bat OF

PHI: 57-50 3rd 4gb, WC 3.5gb NEED:C, LHRP

STL: 64-42 1st 2gm NEED:

CHC: 62-44 2gb, WC lead NEED: bats, Heyward + Bryant out 54, 58 days

MIL: 61-48 4.5gb, WC 0.5 NEED: RP Hader, Claudio, Albers out at least 2 months
for Greene: RP Supak+ 2B Hager

SFG: 63-45 1st 3.5gm NEED: 5th SP
for ZIM: RP Jerez + SS Howard or CF Johnson + 2B Maris + 1B Marte

LAD: 59-48 3.5 WC 1.5 NEED: RP Baez, Stripling OFS
FOR Greene: SP May 20-62-B

Matt Moore

SP Fulmer 25-85-A - He is 7-7, 2.08 and has been fantastic, his 3 more years of arbitration is very attractive. There is no top landing spot for him right now. The Braves could pull off a deal but they don't NEED him. I could add players and throw in a LHRP like Hardy as well.
The TWINS need a SP.

NYY: 41-27 2nd, 5.5 gb, lead WC by 2.5 gm
RF Palma 21-72-A
RP Holder 24-71-B
SP Nestor Cortes 23-60-C

TB: 35-33 3rd, 11.5 gb 3.5gb of 2nd WC
SP Honeywell 22-66-A
1B McKay 21-65-A
3B Arroyo 22-61-A

MIN: 38-29 tied for 1st/tied for 2nd WC with CLE
2B Royce Lewis 18-66-A
SS Gordon 21-66-B
CF Baddoo 19-63-B
SP Gonsalves 23-71-A
SS Javier 19-57-B

HOU: 48-23 10 game lead in DIV
SP Martes 22-73-A
LF Fisher 24-62-A
SS Nova 18-63-B

PHI: 40-30 1st by 0.5gm
RF Williams 24-67-A
CF Moniak 19-65-A
SS Stott 20-64-A

COL: 35-34 3rd, 4.5gb WC 4gb
SP Freeland 24-71-A
1B McMahon 23-61-A
CF Tapia 24-69-B

Some of these are ridiculous, some could happen with at least one other piece from me.

SP Zimmermann 31-74-C 5-4 with a 3 ERA

SP Lakins 22-60-C
1B Castellanos 20-54-C

LF SMith 18-59-C
RP Stephan 22-59-B

LF Dorssys Paulino 22-61-C
SS Clement 23-60-C
RP Hillman 19-58-C
CP Hill 23-57-C
SP Mejia 22-60-C

C Rortvedt 21-58-C
SP Jhoan Duran 20-54-C

RP Jewell 24-66-C

3B Helder 21-56-C +
2B Lopes 22-63-C

SS De Leon 20-59-C
3B Davis 19-54-C

CF Ramirez 18-56-C
SP Abreu 21-60-C
CF McKenna 21-59-C

LF Taylor 23-63-C
RF Agustin 20-56-C

LF Pullin 23-66-C
SS Gomez 20-61-C

RP Rosario 23-55-B
1B Pereda 22-57-C

RP Elledge 21-58-B
CF Tomas 22-62-C
SP Woodford 20-59-C

LF Robinson 18-55-C
RF Grier 21-60-C

SS Vavra 21-57-C
1B Hundley 20-61-C
RP Brenner 22-65-C


RP Castillo 24-60-C


SP Ball 22-58-C
1B castellanos 20-54-C

2B Wendell Rijo 22-62-C
LF SMith 18-59-C
SP Nelson 22-60-C
RF Pereira 18-53-C

3B Padlo 20-60-C
SP Mercado 18-58-C
RP Poche 24-63-C
2B Wong 22-62-C
SP Harris 22-57-C
RP McWilliams 23-61-C

LF Papi 24-63-C
LF Paulino 22-61-C
Rp AIken 20-57-C
SS Clement 23-60-C
Rf Marabell 23-60-C
RP Hillman 19-58-C

CF Celestino 18-58-C


DET Fulmer 25-85-A 7-7, 2.08 112 K 151 IP

DET Zimmermann 31-74-C 7-6, 3.13 66 K 126 IP

OAK Estrada 34-79-B 10-6, 2.82 88 K 131 IP

OAK Anderson LH 30-75-C 6-6, 2.91 74 K 117 IP - dealt to MIN

SEA King Felix 31-82-B 8-7, 2.84 85 K 129 IP

SEA Leake 30-80-B 13-6, 2.77 78 K 143 IP

MIA Chen 32-80-C 5-7, 2.59 80 K 125 IP

NYM Santana 35-73-B 8-10, 3.97 75 K 129 IP

PIT Archer 29-85-B 6-7, 3.80 140 K 125 IP

SD Richards 29-83-B 7-6, 2.76 98 K 127 IP

BAL Cobb 30-75-C 7-4, 2.38 56 K 94 IP

TOR Shoemaker 31-74-C 6-8, 2.49 80 K 123 IP

OAK Hendriks 29-87-B 2.20 30 K 32 IP

OAK Petit 33-80-B 6-5, 3.62 67k 77 IP

MIA Romo 35-72-B 4.73 55k 51 ip

SDP Warren 30-79-C 1.89 24k 33ip

BAL Givens 27-83-C 3.26 30k 30ip 31 SV

TB Roe 31-68-C 3.15 64k 65ip

TOR Law 27-81-B 1.08 32k 33ip

TOR Tepera 30-79-C 2.18 62k 70ip

CHW Jones 32-78-B 3.75 56k 57ip

CHW Minaya 27-75-B 3.21 71k 74ip

DET Hardy 31-68-D 3.72 30 K 36 IP

BAL Gilmartin 27-82-C 0.73 22k 24ip

Bleier 30-72-C 3.81 12k 26ip

OAK Buchter 31-83-B 3.02 55k 47 IP

NYM WIlson 30-75-B 2.70 28k 26ip

PIT Liriano 34-74-C 3.92 66k 66 ip

PIT Lyons 30-73-C 3.09 69k 70ip

ARZ Hirano 34-74-B 2.40 59 k 63 ip

ARZ Chafin 27-80-C 2.83 43k 41ip

DET Greene 29-78-C 2.57 43k 35ip 22SV

BAL Givens ^^^

CHW Colome 29-85^-B 4.12 35k 39ip 31 SV

TB Pagan 26-82^-B^ 1.44 36k 31 ip 29 SV

TOR Giles 27-82-B 3.05 56k 38ip

OAK Hendricks 29-87-B 2.20 30k 32ip 28 SV

TEX Leclerc 24-80^-B 6.10 40k 31ip

SEA Strickland 29-81^-B^ 4.23 23k 27ip 24 SV

KC Kiekman 4.91 46k 33ip 23 SV

OAK Rupp 29-72-C .271 13hr 42 rbi 53fld 65 arm

CHW Castillo 30-83-B .273 6hr 40 rbi

OAK Hundley 34-75-C .252 61 fld 70 arm

NYM Ramos 30-81-B .305 9 hr

BAL Sucre 29-66-D .296

DET Cabrera 34-80-A .258 11hr 43 rbi

CHW Abreu 31-85-B .282 24 hr 64 rbi

SEA Seager 30-83-B .309 25 hr 84 rbi

KC Duda 32-79-C .231 18hr 55 rbi OF

MIA ALvarez 31-73-C .251 7 hr

CIN Votto 34-89-A .304 17 hr 50 rbi

SD Hosmer 28-87-A .273 15 hr 64 rbi

TOR Smoak 31-80-B .260 15 hr 49 rbi

DET Harrison 30-78-C .289 33 rbi

SEA Gordon 29-80-B .308 49 rbi 37 sb

SEA Seager 30-83-B .309 25 hr 84 rbi

TEX Cabrera 32-79-C .246 11 hr 37 rbi 61 fld 71 arm

MIA Prado 34-80-B .291 5 hr 46 rbi

MIA Solarte 30-77-C .275 6hr 41 rbi ALL POS

NYM Frazier 32-79-C .290 16 hr 50 rbi 1B

CIN Gennett 27-81-B .274 18 hr 50 rbi

SDP Kinsler 35-77-A .265 13 hr 49 rbi 80 fld

TB Duffy 27-75-B .304 12hr 40 rbi

TOR Galvis 28-80-C .232 12hr 38 rbi 75 fld 75 arm

DET Castellanos 26-79-B .258 16 hr 56 rbi

KC Merrifield 29-80-B .266 12 hr 60 rbi 2B

KC Hamilton 27-86-B .275 26 rbi 85 fld 85 arm 98 spd

OAK Davis 30--83-C .263 19 hr 50 rbi

MIA Granderson 37-64-B .243 14hr 43 rbi

NYM Cespedes 32-93-A .292 12 hr 42 rbi

NYM Kemp 3-78-C .252 16 hr 38 rbi

NYM Blanco 34-71-C .291

CIN Puig 27-78-B .232 18 hr 52 rbi

CIN Schebler 27-73-C .275 15 hr 51 rbi

PIT Cabrera 33-73-C .272 6 hr 34 rbi

ARZ Peralta 30-78-C .295 12 hr 46 rbi

BAL Trumbo 32-70-D .249 18 hr 53 rbi

CHW Orlando 32-72-C .291
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