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Madden 12: EDIT PLAYERS, EA Giving back control to the Fans, but how much? 
Posted on June 14, 2011 at 12:26 AM.
"This is one we talked to you about on Twitter and the forums. "

"After some discussion, we agreed that Franchise mode is yours to control and that we needed to give you the ability to edit the ratings of any player in Franchise mode, whether they are veterans or the rookies you just imported from NCAA Football.

If you want some QB you imported to be an 85 overall because you won the Heisman with him, youíre welcome to edit him to be that high. Itís all up to you"
- Josh Looman EA Blog Madden 12

This is awesome right? yes, but what about the details?

can we edit:
  • player skin
  • face
  • hair
  • tattoos?
  • swagger (if it is in the game)
  • potential
  • attributes (confidence, consistency, utilize swim move etc)
  • college
  • height
  • weight
  • throwing animation (for QB's)
  • left or right handed QB
You see where I am going with this. I like the idea, but what are the details!

EA has finally decided they needed to let go of the reins a bit here realizing what is the point or preventing us from editing? i mean they can clamp down for online games or leave it to online franchise creators.

what do you think? do you know what the details are? what would you hope for?
# 1 Heroiczero13 @ Jun 15
Good questions to ask, but I think they will open up pretty much everything to edit. I dont see why they wouldn't. No need to only give bits of editing. At the least thats what I'm hoping for.
# 2 mirrored32 @ Jun 16
as of Madden 11 once you CAP you could no longer edit the handedness, birth year, birth month, Birth day, Years Pro. You also can not edit the face, skin color, hair style. this is just out in player management, not in a franchise. just after a CAP. strange but that is what it was.

Here is to hoping!

I know it is a 'new ballgame' with Josh Looman, but i wonder if these things will truly open up.
# 3 mirrored32 @ Aug 30
i hope with madden 12 now they have allowed you to 'delete players' or perhaps at least 'delete created players'. and then i could create custom teams completely. would be nice. we will see
# 4 mirrored32 @ Sep 6
after getting the game you can't edit anything like i wanted. it isn't fully editable. you can't delete created players. so no this is not want i wanted.
# 5 mirrored32 @ Sep 6
import draft classes doesn't work so all this talk from Josh is not even worth it right now. if they patch it ok, but if not here is a black eye again.
# 6 mirrored32 @ Feb 5
knowing what we all experience now in CAP you have a lot of edit ability but not: * Height * Weight * Hair * Skin Color * Eye Color * Muscle and fat physicals * right or left handed * years pro * college * hometown -- can't delete CAP player.
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