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We have just posted our NBA Street V3 review. Find out what Clay Shaver has to say about it.
"As the real NBA hits their "All-Star Weekend" and prepares for the homestretch push to the playoffs, the team at EA Sports Big has released a late-season addition to an already crowded basketball market with the third chapter in the their "Street" series simply titled “NBA Street V3”. Checking in over three months after the latest round of b-ball titles, will the extra time, fresh legs, and street edge find a way to score significant console minutes? How will they respond to the critical success of that other street ball game? Lace them kicks up tight. Tilt that cap. Pull them socks up high. It’s on."

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# 1 RoyalBoyle14 @ 02/21/05 03:17 PM
Nice review, I want to pick this game up sometime.
# 2 inkcil @ 02/21/05 03:30 PM
Good review...

I'm surprised there isn't much more talk about this game on the boards.

When I went to the store I was either getting LIVe'05 or V3. I picked
V3 b/c I felt like the majority of time in Live, I was either dunking to score or shooting 3 pointers. So I might as well do it in exaggerated style.

Anyway, I was wondering if the reviwer had issues with the camera angles. I really don't prefer any of them, but Street view is playable. I wish there were more camera options.

And I agree the sound does suck? Why no custom soundtracks? And another
thing about the sound is someimes I can go almos an entire game with no song being played...just the Dj talking and the background instrumental music!

Also, I wish that there were more outlandish jump-shots and 3 pointers. That would have been fun...the game is just a little dunk heavy...(I give it 85%).
# 3 cooldude @ 02/21/05 04:14 PM
good review.

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