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G4techTV has posted their review of Fight Night: Round 2, giving it a 5 out of 5.
"While the original Fight Night was flashy, Fight Night: Round 2 has the substance to back it up its sense of style. The analog control has been refined to the point where itís more responsive and more satisfying than mashing buttons and the new facial and body animations bring a level of authenticity to the ring thatís simply never been accomplished before. With a strong lineup of licensed fighters, a credible announcer (Big Tigger was to the original Fight Night what Dennis Miller was to Monday Night Football), a fleshed-out create-a-boxer option, online support, and a better career mode, Fight Night: Round 2 seamlessly blends simulation-style realism with arcade-like thrills and crisp controls. The developers have cut the flab, hit the heavy bag, and honed their game to a championship caliber level. The proof is in the punching."

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