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Entertainment Depot has posted their review of Winning Eleven 8, giving it a overall score of 9.5 out of 10.
"That the Winning Eleven series continues to improve is amazing; that it continues to improve, surprise, and innovate makes for a wonderful sports game that anybody even remotely interested in soccer would enjoy. It's a near perfect mix of gameplay, presentation, immersion, and simulation that other games fail to achieve."

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# 1 Sully @ 03/02/05 04:35 PM
One of the best "sim" sports games I've ever played. It's a shame neither version (Xbox or PS2) has online capabilities in the US....maybe next year.
# 2 Peter_OS @ 03/02/05 04:58 PM
The AI makes up for the lack of online play IMO.

This game is near perfection.
# 3 mgoblue @ 03/02/05 05:04 PM
Originally Posted by Peter_OS
The AI makes up for the lack of online play IMO.

This game is near perfection.
while online play is sorely missed, this is the only game where the single player franchise (master league) makes me want to play. All other sports I end up playing half a season and getting bored with the single player, but WE8I's just amazing. Stellar AI, makes you feel like it's a real soccer match.
# 4 TheLetterZ @ 03/02/05 05:35 PM
I really need to get this game.
# 5 NYJets @ 03/02/05 05:43 PM
No online=No Buy
# 6 TheLetterZ @ 03/02/05 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by NYJets
No online=No Buy
# 7 bkrich83 @ 03/02/05 06:43 PM
This game is so good, it actually made me a soccer fan. I now follow the EPL on Fox Sports Soccer, whenever I can.

I think it just may be the finest console sports game I have ever played.

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