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  • LMA 2005 Premium Data Update (PS2, Xbox)
    "Fans of LMA Manager 2005 on PS2 and Xbox who wish the game could reflect current squads and stats at this late stage of the football season will be pleased to learn that Codemasters has made a data update available over PS2 Online and Xbox Live this week priced 3. Well, they may not be pleased about the 3 bit, but it's probably better value than 6 million for James Beattie - one of the many transfers observed and incorporated in the update."
  • World Snooker Challenge First Impressions (PSP)
    "You view the table from a third-person vantage point with the option to take a look from directly above. All the various things you'd need to play a shot are spread over the PSP's myriad buttons. You can change the point of cue contact on the cue ball, change cue elevation, fine-tune your aiming by holding down a shoulder button as a modifier, select the coloured ball you want to go for post-red, and eventually, obviously, select shot speed and play the shot. You can then skip through the bits of animation that bore you, turn them off completely; whatever you like."

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