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Game Over Online has posted NBA Street V3 reviews for the following consoles:
  • Xbox (95%)
    "These minor issues aside, NBA Street V3 is easily one of the best sports titles that have come along recently. The expansive and highly replayable Street Challenge mode can absorb gamers for months, and the level of customization is truly massive. Couple this with a redesigned, expansive trick and Gamebreaker system and you have a classic game that raises the bar of sports gaming. If you're a basketball fan, you owe it to yourself to get this game."
  • Playstation 2 (95%)
    "However, one of the things that doesn't seem particularly fair in V3 is the unbalanced attention towards speedier guards and forwards over larger centers or power positions. Many of the big fellas, like Shaq, Yao or other larger men might seem like a virtual lock to reject shots. Typically you'd be right, with the exception that 1) their ball handling skills suck and 2) they're usually much slower than the other players, so you can run rings past them. What's more, if you pump fake or even shoot before they can get set, there's no way to block the shot. This usually results in abandoning these lanky players in favor of perimeter players with dunking and ball skills, which almost begs the question as to why their included in the first place."
  • GameCube (95%)
    "You have the option to practice your moves and your shot timing in the practice mode, or even engage a quick pickup game with any one of the 30 NBA squads, NBA Legends or Street teams. You also have the chance to take on a group of players in a dunk contest. Reminiscent of NBA Live 2005’s contest, yet infinitely easier, you use the trick stick and turbo buttons in concert to land the most impressive dunk you can in front of three judges. You can choose to pass the ball to yourself off the backboard, kick the rock up in the air and catch it in flight, or even leap over objects before you hit the basket. We’re talking about Port-a-Pottys, basketball racks and trophies to elevate over…"

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