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GamePro has posted FIFA Street reviews for the following consoles:
  • Playstation 2 (3.5/5)
    "Unlike the traditional soccer you're use to watching, FIFA Street pits two teams of four against each other on small, enclosed urban courts. Your goal is to&well&score goals, but do it in a manner much like what the game's cousin, NFL Street, does--in an ostentatious over-the-top trick-style way. If done right, an opponent will be on the laughing end of your, In your face! comments as both of you watch the slow-motion replay of fancy footwork toward the goal. Competitions move fast, and combining your tricks together is clearly the arcade part of Street, making the game fast-paced and alluring to pick-up and play."
  • Xbox (3.5/5)
    "While two buddies playing each other can certainly appreciate FIFA Street, competitions against the computer can quickly turn into a repetitious chore. After a few rounds, you'll soon realize that pulling off the same maneuvers over and over again will pretty much give you the upper hand, er foot. This is due in part by the random trick system every time you press the Y button--your moves may look cool and different, but every single trick has the same affect on your opponent, which doesn't give the game much depth. Added that the core of the game is to just upgrade your team with better players and to open up new threads doesn't enhance the gameplay at all. The sharp visuals and rocking audio definitely give FIFA Street flare, but that's not enough to elevate this urban sport to stardom. FIFA Street is fun to play in short bursts--any longer, and you won't score any goals."

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