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We have just posted our MVP Baseball 2005 review. Find out what Clay Shaver has to say about it.
"In my college and single days, I ate way more than my share of fast food. McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, you name it; if they had a drive-thru, chances are I’d been there. Now if you ask me my opinion about McDonald’s based solely on my experience at "Mickey D’s", you would get one answer. If you asked instead about how McDonald’s compares to the other rapid dining establishments, the answer would be completely different. What does that have to do with sports, sports gaming, and specifically about EA’s new “MVP Baseball 2005?"

Member Comments
# 1 NYJets @ 03/04/05 06:50 PM
Good Review.
# 2 poster @ 03/04/05 07:00 PM
Agreed. Excellent review Clay
# 3 vinny @ 03/04/05 09:32 PM
Nice review Clay!
# 4 Medway @ 03/04/05 10:06 PM
Nice review. MLB2006 is going to be my game this year but I think I might check out MVP now.
# 5 TheLetterZ @ 03/06/05 07:59 AM
Nice going, Clay.
# 6 RestoreRoar @ 03/06/05 02:59 PM
Good review. Every single person I know who owns the game, hates the announcing. It detracts from the experience. That's really my only "what?" moment reading your great piece.
# 7 Brandwin @ 03/06/05 09:06 PM
Good review Clay.
# 8 Sully @ 03/06/05 09:42 PM
Good job Clay.

Great review for a great game.
# 9 CharlieBrown @ 03/06/05 09:51 PM
Originally Posted by Sully
Good job Clay.

Great review for a great game.
Great indeed... Nice job Clay.

*Heads to room to play MVP*
# 10 Heelfan71 @ 03/09/05 09:45 AM
Nice Review. Best Bball game ever. I would of given it a 4.83212454532 though.

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