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GamePro has posted Fight Night Round 2 reviews for the following consoles:
  • GameCube (4.5/5)
    "Like a well-trained boxer, this year's Fight Night sticks to what's worked in the past as well as gained new abilities to please the crowd even more. The most striking change is in the innovative control scheme--where you use the right analog stick to throw jabs, hooks, and uppercuts--which has now been slightly altered to enable you to fight more like a professional pug in the ring. Haymakers, or powerful punches, can be thrown at anytime and blocking as you shuffle your feet are part of your repertoire. Additionally, the responsibilities of the cutman lie in your hands in-between rounds as you're charged with stopping the bleeding and reducing the swelling on the fighter's face."
  • Xbox (4.5/5)
    "Fight Night has also received a facelift. Actual beads of sweat and uglier looking bruises are much more noticeable. Even the many options to customize a personal boxer from the shape of his head to the amount of fat on his body seem limitless. The career mode has been improved upon, too. You can now choose whom to face and even change weight class to unify a belt. The training before a fight has thankfully been refined--it's not as cumbersome on the fingers as before. And your career doesn't end when you reach No. 1. You must successfully defend your title or titles until you retire."
  • Playstation 2 (4.5/5)
    "Round 2 does receive some slight bruising. The commentary and trainer advice can get repetitive, and it would have been nice to switch camera angles instead of being fixed on just one view. Still, this Fight Night looks and feels as strong as the first round. And with little competition in the ring, Round 2 will have no trouble knocking some fun into boxing fans."

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