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  • Enthusia Professional Racing First Impressions
    "Aside from that we came away from our time with Enthusia itching to get further into it - and that's as good an indicator as any as regards whether it's worth paying attention to when it finally ships sometime later this summer. By then we'll have really cracked it and played it for all it's worth, so check back again for more on Konami's big hope for cracking the racing genre."
  • Gran Turismo 4 Review (8/10)
    "What's disappointing for the rest of us, however, is that while this is unquestionably the pinnacle of Polyphony's attempts to capture driving in game form, it still isn't - and isn't even trying to be - the pinnacle of racing games. And that's where the series needs to start heading if it wants to keep us coming back with another wad of notes every four years."

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# 1 Peter_OS @ 03/09/05 08:35 AM
Excellent review on Gran Turismo 4.

Am I alone in saying that this game feels the same as past iterations of the game? I just can't get into it as much. They needs to add car damage and improve the AI IMO.
# 2 fossen @ 03/09/05 09:22 AM
Good for Eurogamer. Though it's an 8, it's still the lowest score I've seen.

Even going in knowing what to expect from GT4, I was disappointed. Frankly, playing on my small non-HDTV was pointless, as once you strip the graphics away there just isn't much there.

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