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  • ESPN NHL 2K5 (8/10)
    "ESPN NHL 2K5 is a decent Ice Hockey game but it really won't appeal to much of Europe and for those people who buy it but aren't particularly interested in the sport it won't last very long in their consoles. It is however a decent game for those who enjoy the sport and it is sure to do well in the countries that partake in the sport regularly such as the Scandinavian and Eastern European countries. If your not a fan of the sport then rent it because you probably won't want to play it for much longer than that otherwise for 20/30 you can't really go wrong."
  • ESPN NBA 2K5 (8.5/10)
    "There's a good amount of changes to this years game and most of them are for the better with only a few lacking any depth or quality. For a sub 20 price you can't go wrong and although it's still rough round the edges the general gameplay is excellent and comparable to anything EA and others have to offer whilst offering better value for money."
  • ESPN NFL 2K5 (9/10)
    "ESPN NFL 2K5 is a very good American Football game and whilst it fails to match this years Madden it offers a fantastic value for money. You're getting a solid game for less than 20 and although they've fixed most of the problems from last years effort they seem to have created some new ones in the process. If you're looking for a decent game without shelling out another 30 for a slightly altered Madden then you can't go wrong here."

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