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GamePro has posted the following interviews:
  • Microsoft Exec Peter Moore Talks Next-Generation Xbox Gaming (Xbox)
    GamePro: "Rumors have been floating around about the "Xbox 360"--would you be able to comment about that?"
    Peter Moore: "Well, the Internet--now there's really a place where I go to get all my info... (laughs) You know, whatever the name ends up being is far less important than the games on the platform. If you have the right games you could call it the Ford Edsel and people would buy it. It is immaterial to our strategy right now, whether it's Xbox 2, Xbox Next, NextBox, or whatever else these folks who can sit around at night with Adobe Photoshop and an Internet connection want to come up with. In due time you'll learn the name and will love it or hate it--but you will be more interested about the games you can play on the box."
  • Interview with Wipeout Pure Designer Colin Berry (PSP)
    GamePro: "How will gameplay differ given the change from a console to handheld?"
    Colin Berry: "There are changes to the gameplay, but these are less to do with the game being on a handheld machine and more to do with the general direction we wanted to take. The pit-lanes have gone to be replaced by a system where you can restore some energy by absorbing your pick-up instead of firing it, which would have been the case no matter what system the game was released on."

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