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PlayMoreConsoles have posted an article entitled, What If: Electronic Arts Football -- ESPN Style.
"Lets start with NCAA Football 2007. One major step that ESPN just took was the creation of the all new network called ESPNU, U as in University. ESPNU is a 24/7/365 sports network covering anything and everything in the NCAA realm. From Football to Lacrosse, Basketball to Wrestling, Track & Field to Swimming. If its college, then its ESPNU. If EA Sports is smart they would consider this and implement this into NCAA Football 2007 somehow and Im talking presentation wise. Speaking of presentation, now that EA Sports has the full ESPN license....PLEASE get rid of that annoying menu music of the random bands playing. It was great with the older games but it is starting to get really old and really annoying. Since you have the ESPN license, use music from the ESPN College GameDay show or ESPNU to give it that better presentation."

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# 1 NYJets @ 03/15/05 12:00 PM
Whoever wrote this was drinking a little too much of the EA kool aid imo.

They said that VC didn't take full advantage of the license, which is crap. And the only example of this they gave was not using real announcers in the NFL game, which is true, but also something I think a lot of people are happy about, as it's announcing has always been considered one of the best in sports game.

And most of the suggestions were either things that were already in ESPN games, or expansions on those things that were already done.

And I doubt that ESPN went with EA because they weren't happy with how the licensed was being used. It probably had more to do with money, and the fact that VC's games are in some trouble without the NFL license.

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