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GamerCentric has posted their Virtual NCAA Basketball Championship.
"Itís that time of the year again, sports fans. The time when students skip class, the teachers skip class, the water cooler conversations heat up, and the bracket analyzing and second guessing is at its finest. Thatís right, its time for the NCAA Basketball National Championship Tournament, and we here at GamerCentric are pumped up for all of the action coming later on in the week like everyone else around the country. Now we all know that the games donít start until Thursday, but that doesnít mean we canít find out whose got the best shot of winning it right now. Using one of last yearís arguably best sports titles overall, ESPN College Hoops 2K5, weíve decided to run a virtual tournament of our own to see who comes out on top on the cyber court. Weíve filled the brackets out and set the teams up, so who be the final team standing to cut down the nets? Letís find outÖ"

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# 1 NYJets @ 03/15/05 12:01 PM

Uconn isn't going down that early.
# 2 Wsv771 @ 03/20/05 01:19 PM
Looks like they did, lol.
# 3 RubenDouglas @ 03/21/05 11:56 AM
they could've at least used screenshots with AUTHENTIC courts/venue's. Its a shame that Im the only one that noticed that.
# 4 theaub @ 03/21/05 03:08 PM
Well, they got the UConn upset right...

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