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Jolt has posted the following reviews:
  • Gran Turismo 4 (PS2 - 9.1/10)
    "Yet again the series fails to become a proper racing game, with its rigid car physics and lack of decent opponents to face off against, but itís still a fantastic and lengthy game in its own right. Those who werenít keen on previous titles wonít find much to change their minds here, but true fans have a gigantic amount to dig into while the wait for the online version and Gran Turismo 5 begins. Just how long that will take, however, is anyoneís guess."
  • GTR - FIA GT Racing Game (PC - 8.2/10)
    "Hardcore racing fans delight, interested amateurs take note and everyone else steer clear. If only GTR had been more welcoming to casual racing fans, it might have found itself a bigger and deserved market. Unfortunately we just canít find ourselves openly recommending it Ė and not for a lack of quality. At least you canít say you donít know what youíre getting."

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