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Next Level Gaming has posted their review of the Sony PSP Handheld Entertainment System, giving it a perfect score.
"Here's the bottom line folks. Nintendo has owned the handheld market for the better part of 16 years. And on March 24th, you're going to see the day Sony came along and completely revolutionized the market. The Sony PSP is everything that Sony said it would be, and then some. I am in awe, and that's the truth."

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# 1 hdaniel1 @ 03/18/05 09:55 AM
Wow a perfect score! Makes you want to get one.
# 2 Mintsa @ 03/18/05 11:05 AM
I'd love to buy one but the $400.00 cdn price tag makes me stay very far away!!

I could use that money to probably pay for an xbox 2 in full in November.
# 3 Steve_OS @ 03/18/05 12:31 PM
I don't think I'll get one right away, but I'm sure I'll get one.
# 4 GoldSox @ 03/18/05 01:59 PM
Originally Posted by hdaniel1
Wow a perfect score! Makes you want to get one.
They had me from hello...can't wait until next week!
# 5 Eric13Oakland @ 03/18/05 04:04 PM
I'll get one as soon as I can..........which won't be anytime soon. I want one badly though.
# 6 BatsareBugs @ 03/18/05 07:49 PM
For a handheld system it looks too expensive for me to get.
# 7 Knight165 @ 03/18/05 11:52 PM
I got the Japanese one(you can set the menus and everything to English when you first start the handheld) and it came with the Japanese ver of Ridge Racers. Not my kind of game, but the machine itself is amazing. It recognized my wireless router instantly and the graphics are amazing.
It's a little bulky...but I guess you would get used to it.
With MLB, MVP and Tiger Woods....I'm sure I'll be using it frequently.


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