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  • Need for Speed Underground Rivals (8.0/10)
    "Rivals works best as quick fix, an adrenaline shot to perk up those boring bits of your day when you're not assaulted by the tidal wave of ever-growing media. Why take a quiet moment on the bus to explore your inner life when you can pummel the senses with white-knuckled racing action?"
  • FIFA Soccer (7.0/10)
    "FIFA swims in the glitz and glamour of big budget gaming, serving up all the amenities you'd expect on a bigger disc: a ton of real teams and real players with realistically rendered faces, and a hip soundtrack (The Streets, Morrissey, Air, etc.) that only plays in menus. The polish wears bit thin in the control department, but soccer fans will find plenty of meat to chew on here."

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