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Darkstation has posted the following reviews:
  • Fight Night Round 2 (GC - 9/10)
    "Another new addition to the game is the haymaker, which is quite an important punch in Fight Night Round 2. A haymaker is basically a more powerful punch. To pull off one of these haymakers, all you have to do is take back your shot more then you would with a normal punch and therefore will result in a much more powerful (shot)."
  • NBA from 989 Sports (PSP - 6/10)
    "One of the best qualities NBA does have is its visual, which is absolutely stunning. I must admit 989 Sports don't usually have the best-looking games out there, but in this case NBA is truly a great looking game."
  • Gretzky NHL (PSP - 5/10)
    "...the game does offer up some nice qualities, which include the character models which are actually quite good. The arenas are also nicely made and offer up a pretty good looking experience."
  • Wipeout Pure (PSP - 9/10)
    "If you are a fan of the Wipeout series or you are just a racing fan in general and looking for a game for your PSP, I would highly recommend picking up Wipeout Pure. It is by far one of the best launch titles out for the PSP..."

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