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  • FIFA Street (Console - 5/10)
    "That's what it boils down to. This game is frustratingly average. The good is offset by the bad and you're left with what feels like a half assed effort. I can't really recommend this game other then to FIFA fans that want realistic players. Sega Soccer Slam is a much more fun arcade soccer title that's worth giving a shot over this if you really want to play some arcade soccer and you don't mind cartoony characters. At best, FIFA Street deserves a rent even from the most hardcore of FIFA fanatics. Wait until the sequel before picking this one up. Rental maybe. Not recommended to buy."
  • Need for Speed Underground: Rivals (PSP - 7.5/10)
    "Need for Speed Rivals is a high quality racing game for PSP at launch. There are as many as a half dozen racing titles for the portable system from day 1, but NFSR stands out with its style and speed. Fans of the console series will love this title, as will PSP owners looking for a pretty, fast arcade racer on the go."

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