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  • World Tour Soccer 2006 (PS2 - 3.5/5)
    "World Tour Soccer isn't without merits, however. Although teams universally dribble too well, it makes the game the most approachable of any soccer offering, especially when compared to the complex idiosyncrasies of Winning Eleven. And it implements something every other game should do--a button to switch to the nearest player. Some downsides to mechanics include the inability to string passes quickly, brain-dead goalies, a referee that gets in the way of the ball, and impossible set play executions. Team customization options are some of the most rich in any soccer game, but the career mode unfortunately remains largely unchanged&and dull."
  • Need for Speed Underground Rivals (PSP - 4/5)
    "This latest incarnation of the now classic Need for Speed series is certainly a hot ride. In a supercharged tuner, you race the city streets in competitions that are all too familiar with Underground fans. You'll need to avoid careening into oncoming traffic, keep the steering wheel tight after a jump, and of course, bump your...well, rivals out of the way in the goal to becoming the top honcho on the streets."
  • Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix (PSP - 4.5/5)
    "The controls are spot on to past Tony Hawk games. You can even perform a Focus where you slow down time and maneuver even more insane tricks. A game that moves this fast requires solid button response, and Remix is certainly equipped with it. The only thing missing: the ability to rotate faster. And your fingers will also have to get accustomed to the compact PSP controls--it'll feel tight and your fingers will fumble a bit after a few rounds in the skate park."

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