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  • World Tour Soccer (PSP - 7.0/10)
    "Studio London attempted to add a bit of longevity to World Tour as well, by including various unlockable cups and stadiums. Honestly, though, World Tour Soccer probably won't last you much longer than the launch window, just until something better comes along."
  • MLB 2006 (PS2 - 7.5/10)
    "At the end of the day, the game could move a little more quickly (even on Fast Play only the player walk-ups are eliminated, meaning you almost wish for a baserunner to speed up the wind-up), the ball physics need a little more touch, the outfield arms are outrageously accurate and balls hammered down the lines are too often singles."
  • Wipeout Pure (PSP - 9.0/10)
    "It has to be said that Wipeout Pure really is one of the best PSP launch titles, and alongside Ridge Racer (which also scored highly) it's a testament to the quality of the games that kicked off the PlayStation generation ten years ago. It's a beautiful game, with an enormous amount of gameplay to keep you occupied."
  • Gretzky NHL (PSP - 5.5/10)
    "I can t help but get the feeling that this game was created by people who shout "touchdown" when the puck goes into the net. The stats are all out of whack, players that never fight are dropping gloves, trade requests that simply make zero sense (Simon Gagne for a player on your farm team?), and stupid unlockables, such as a seven-foot, 300lb RoboEnforcer Model-44 (Model 43 just didn t cut it)."
  • NFL Street 2 Unleashed (PSP - 7.5/10)
    "Still, NFL Street 2 Unleashed gives a great impression of just how far handheld sports games can go. Feature-rich and full of worthy diversions, Unleashed's major drawbacks are ergonomically taxing controls (more the fault of the hardware), a horrid soundtrack, some less-than-user-friendly considerations in the various modes, and Legacy of Kain-esque load times, which is to say they're really long. As the developer gets to grip with the hardware, we expect most of these things to dissipate with each iteration."
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour (PSP - 7.5/10)
    "Seeing as how Tiger is one of the launch titles for the PSP, the game's atrocious load times are understandable, but entirely inexcusable. Sure, Tiger isn't the only launch game guilty of long load times, as there are sure to be programming hurdles with first generation games, but the end result is that if you want to play Tiger on the go, you've gotta wait."

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