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  • MLB 2006 (B)
    "The competition is tough, but MLB 2006 is another solid, hardcore baseball game from 989. It hits hard thanks to a robust single-player package, decent online content, and a smart pitching scheme, while a dated batting system, bad fielding model and relatively high price tag ($40 versus $20 for MLB 2K5 and $30 for MVP 2005) prevent it from entering a league of its own."
  • Major League Baseball 2K5 (B)
    "Despite its better delivery, though, Major League Baseball 2K5 is not a better baseball game than MVP 2005. Its offline content is simply not as deep and its play mechanics are broadly inferior. However, it looks and sounds better, has deeper online content, and features the year’s only major innovation in a baseball game. It might not win the pennant, but it definitely makes the playoffs."
  • MVP Baseball 2005 (B+)
    "EA is known for great gameplay innovation, and every couple of years they show consumers why. 2005, though, is not one of those years. Instead of focusing on cool new mechanics, MVP Baseball 2005 focuses on adding lots of relatively useless stuff. Sure, you can build a stadium, but you can’t play with it. You can arrange fan-appreciation days, but you can’t set bees loose on the fans once they’ve gathered. If MVP Baseball 2004 was Alec Baldwin, MVP Baseball 2005 is Daniel – mostly the same, but a little bit sleazier."

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