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  • Ridge Racer (PSP - 5/5)
    "It's official - Ridge Racer remains a staple in Sony's hardware line-up, as this is the best game in the series yet. It's focused, detailed, highly tweaked on gameplay, and loaded with options galore. It's got the old-school greatness of the series and a shiny new gloss rolled into one, with nothing ruined or tarnished in the process. And it offers only the finest in Wi-Fi support, allowing you to challenge friends like a true champion would. Make no mistake, Ridge Racer is a crowning achievement and no PSP owner - not even the most jaded of racing fans - should be without it."
  • Gretzky NHL 2005 (3/5)
    "Gretzky NHL isn't entirely a bad game. The fact that the NHL season has been shut down clearly works against it, especially considering how hard Gretzky himself worked to try and revive it. But it runs the basics in too many areas, not really reinventing the gameplay like ESPN NHL 2K5 did or consisting of any sharp looks or sounds to back up the action. Fans of hockey may want to give it a look and play around with Gretzky NHL for awhile, but chances are you'll find yourself holding off till the next season...that is, if there IS a next season."
  • Racing Gears Advance (GBA - 4/5)
    "Let's face it, this game hit me with the authority of a mack truck. I did not expect it to be this captivating a racing game, but rather just another typical four-wheeling affair. But Orbital Media taught me a lesson - sometimes the best stuff hits you when you don't ever expect it. Racing Gears Advance is for real, and worth dropping some cash on if you're looking for a smooth portable ride."

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