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Fragland has posted their review of Gran Turismo 4, giving it an 89.5%.
"At the end of the day, I'm left with mixed feelings. Yes, Gran Turismo 4 is once again the best driving simulator around, offering an incredible list of cars and features, the best graphics the genre has ever had and impressive sound, but I can't shake the feeling it could have been a lot more. The game still suffers from weak enemy A.I. and the lack of a damage model. Hell, even taking shortcuts goes unpunished! Without the promised online play, GT4 doesn't actually bring new things to the table and I'm kind of left with a "been there, done that"-feeling. Polyphony Digital has to realise they can't just stand still and reap the benefits of the past. Gran Turismo 4 is a superb game in most ways, but GT5 will have to feature big innovations, or else the series will inevitably see its downfall. Kazunori Yamauchi, don't let Gran Turismo turn into a second Tomb Raider..."

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