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Maccas Sports Gaming has posted the following reviews:
  • Winning Eleven 8: Liveware Edition (PS2 - 90/100)
    "Ninety percent, eighty percent, ninety five percent the score doesnít really matter. The real question is whether or not you should bother to import WE8:LE if you already have WE8/PES4, and the answer is a definite yes! Despite the fact that, options-wise, the game is the same as itís predecessor the tweaks to the game engine make it not just a fine-tuned version of Winning Eleven 8 but a much more realistic and fulfilling game of football."
  • Kick Off 2 (Amiga)
    "If youíve never even heard of Kick Off 2 let alone played it, I think its worth a download on a lazy Sunday afternoon to check out a game that played a big part in soccer gaming history. Because of itís steep learning curve and poor graphics I can't guarantee youíll like it, but youíll definitely appreciate where a few of the features commonplace in todayís football games originated."
  • Goal! Goal! Goal! (Neo-Geo)
    "While itís by no means a great title, I had a lot more fun with GoalGoalGoal! than I expected. You might be wondering why a game that on paper sounds like a variation on the worst of the Fifa series gets a half decent review despite faults like rebounds and rugby tackling. The main reason is that GoalGoalGoal! doesnít pretend to be a simulation like Fifa and the lack of 360 degree spins and a decent powerbar help make the game more varied. You actually feel a sense of accomplishment when you score a goal which is always a sign of a decent game. Furthermore, the lack of a speed-burst button means that at its core, GoalGoalGoal! is a game of pass and move Ė just how soccer should be (even if the passes have some serious voodoo). GoalGoalGoal! also holds up fairly well against other Neo-Geo titles and while it doesnít have the intricate build-up play of the Super Side Kicks series, the larger field and the shooting from anywhere make the goalmouth action more frantic."

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