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  • WipEout Pure Downloads Explained (PSP)
    "Four of the new tracks may be familiar to Wipeout fans as they're actually circuits from previous games which have been spruced up Pure-style. Then there are four tracks which were under consideration for inclusion in the finished product - the gaming equivalent of deleted scenes, if you will."
  • TrackMania Sunrise Review (PC - 9/10)
    "Compared to its predecessor, it looks better, moves faster, throws you further and loves you more. The track design is more extraordinary than ever and full of flourishes that I can barely begin to emulate with my own creations, the new gameplay modes fit right in, and indeed Platform is arguably more addictive than anything in the first game all by itself. There is more of the same in here, but it's more of the same with 900mph flying bells on, and the result is a must-buy game. An exquisite synthesis of the racing and puzzle genres."
  • Mashed: Fully Loaded Review (Xbox - 7/10)
    "We just wish Supersonic had have given us the option of being able to junk the 3D nature of it entirely and play it in the old fashioned fixed overhead view. Then we could reliably judge all the things that are very much left to chance in a game that demands you swoon to its clever dynamic camera. It may look good in the videos, but ultimately veterans of Supersonic's ageing classics remember a purer, more reliable system that really worked."

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