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  • Gran Turismo 4 (PS2 - 5/5)
    "While the beginning of Gran Turismo 4 isn't very user-friendly, and it would benefit greatly from an online mode, it still deserves our highest score. With this game, you get the best, most realistic driving simulator ever released on a home console, over 650 real cars to buy and personalize, over 35 different tracks to run, and dozens upon dozens of races and challenges to partake in. Gran Turismo 4 blows by the competition like it was sitting on jack stands, and is the new high-water mark by which all other driving games will be judged."
  • NASCAR Sim Racing (PC - 3/5)
    "Though we've managed to tune the game, the clunky interface and hidden sim settings are definitely a turn-off. It's easy to understand why EA feels the need to cater to multiple audiences with this release, and the overall performance in NASCAR Sim Racing will keep most people happy. But when the Papyrus titles from several years ago are still going strong online, perhaps the difficulty spread and emphasis on high system requirements is indicative of EA trying too hard to blow away the past."
  • Top Gear RPM Tuning (Xbox - 2/5)
    "Street racing is a scene based on flash and presentation, and Top Gear RPM Tuning simply doesn't have the goods. A killer feature set might have overcome that limitation, but there's nothing here that hasn't been done (typically better) by other titles."

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