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We are trying to guage the interest in our new Chatroom. It will be very important in the future when we start having developer chats and possibly holding chat sessions on newly released Beta games. If you havenít used it, please do so and let us know what youíd like to see improved or if itís just a complete waste of time.

After you have played around in the Chatroom, make sure you vote in the poll and let us know what you think.

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# 1 Stu @ 04/06/05 11:47 AM
I like the chat so far and havn't had any problems accessing it using Firefox or IE.

One question I have is regarding fonts, more specifically font color. With all the different backgrounds available on OS, allowing users to change font color can make some of the chat completely unreadable for some users.
# 2 SPTO @ 04/06/05 11:55 AM
I said it needs a few tweaks (mainly icons)

I DID have lots of problems when it was first implemented but it has worked nearly flawlessly since then.
# 3 Briman123 @ 04/06/05 01:40 PM
Completely unusable for me because you meanies won't let me in it.
# 4 pfunk880 @ 04/06/05 03:00 PM
Developer chats? Niiice.
# 5 Brandwin @ 04/07/05 10:10 PM
I like it..its fun to be in, especially come draft time or any big sporting event.

Could use a few tweaks, but it does serve its purpose...chatting.
# 6 Sully @ 04/07/05 10:18 PM
I'm liking it. Like Dookie said, it could use some tweaks.
# 7 Brandwin @ 04/11/05 04:31 PM
I also like at the bottom it says how many people are in the chat and I think it says who as well. Nice touch.
# 8 BatsareBugs @ 04/29/05 08:08 PM
It's great and all, but no one is ever in.

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