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The Armchair Empire has posted an interview with Ashley Sanders, Lead Artist of Wipeout Pure.
The Armchair Empire: "The Wipeout series has consistently been well-received by critics, but with Wipeout Fusion there was a certain amount of grumbling from long time fans of the series over some of the gameís design. What sorts of features did you make sure to implement in Pure to ensure this segment of the gaming population donít feel put out?"
Ashley Sanders: "We do listen to all the feedback we get, whether positive or negative. I think that Wipeout has such a strong past, and with the benefit of learning from our mistakes, we had a pretty solid base to start from. In relation to the graphics, the Wipeout universe has a very distinct, bold visual language, so it was just a case of evolving it. In the end, you just have to make the game that you want to play and hope that that enthusiasm and passion is evident in the finished product."

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