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HEXUS has posted their review of TrackMania: Sunrise.
"All in all, TrackMania:Sunrise is what I’d call a ‘coffee table’ game. It’s perfect for a quick blast and its pick up and play attraction with only the direction keys and reset key to worry about meant my 9 year old was zooming about after 30 seconds of tuition. Graphically it’s great with some nice visual effects and the music rocks my boat in a big sonic bow wave. It has a hidden depth in that fine control of each car type is essential in progression, but that’s hindered by the repetitive nature of repeating races over and over in order to get good enough to progress… Nadeo have done pretty much everything right here. They’ve tweaked the original, added something new and freshened up the game to justify it as a proper sequel… It’s just a shame that first place is something the casual gamer will rarely see and because of that they’ll miss out on some of the best bits of the game."

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