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  • AGEIA Technologies Interview
    TeamXbox: "Letís get physical. What exactly is a PPU?"
    Manju Hegde: "A Physics Processing Unit (PPU) is a completely new hardware category that bridges the gap between static virtual worlds and pervasive physical reality. This new hardware category represents the next milestone in the evolution of game acceleration, following in the footsteps of the CPU and GPU. The PPU works alongside these processors, completing the triangle of gameplay, 3D imagery and physics-based interaction."
  • MX World Tour: Featuring Jamie Little Review (4.5/10)
    "With so many good MX games on the market itís hard to recommend this one to anybody, even the price conscious. You can find used MX titles for twenty dollars all day at your favorite gaming retailer, and some of these will even include play via Xbox Live. We like that MXWT has higher priced features like custom soundtracks and a decent control set, but there just isnít a lot to do in this title."
  • 3 Million Xbox 360s by December at $249-299
    "Global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs expects the next generation Xbox to arrive in October or November of this year for a retail price of about $249-$299. The New York-based firm expects Microsoft to ship about 3 million units of the Xbox 2 worldwide in the December quarter."

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