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  • Ridge Racer Review (PSP - 9/10)
    "Itís this simple: if you have a PSP, you owe it to yourself to pick up Ridge Racer. Even if you arenít particularly drawn to arcade racers as a whole, Ridge Racer performs so well in almost every aspect of game design that no matter what your interest level in the genre is you just canít pass up on a game this fantastic. The short supply of course variety and the sometimes too over-the-top physics are problems, but compared to everything else the game does right neither can hold Ridge Racer down from greatness. If one game is all you can get for now, Iíd still go with Lumines myself, but Ridge Racer rides shotgun with Wipeout Pure as a close second on that list. Trust me though, you wonít go wrong either way."
  • FlatOut Hands-On Preview (Xbox)
    "By the way, the screens here are from the Xbox version, which will feature System Link or Xbox Live play for 2-8 players. Iíll have to bother the good folks at Bugbear about the PlayStation 2 version and its multiplayer feature and get back to you shortly. Iíd write more, but the game is running in the background and itís beckoning me like a lovely siren on the rocks luring me happily to my doom again and again. Swing on back to the showroom in June, and weíll have a full review of whatĎs going to be a guaranteed smash, in more ways than one."

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