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Mygamer has posted FIFA Street review for the following consoles:
  • Xbox (4.4/10)
    "The roster of players isn’t terribly deep—fewer than ten per team—and the game boils down to four-on-four play. The play area is considerably smaller than an actual soccer field, and yet players still play zone or man-to-man in some ridiculous situations where improvisational defense would have been great. In general, the game’s A.I. is pretty feeble and inconsistent."
  • Playstation 2 (4.4/10)
    "The Street videogames tend to be reminiscent of the infinitely more fun Mutant League games from the heyday of the Sega Genesis, but today the accountants at EA must constantly remind the developers that they’ve paid a pretty penny to license all those leagues, players, and likenesses, and they’d all better be used. What does it matter if it results in substandard games? Well, it matters to you, and me, as consumers. FIFA Street is a game with a thin sprinkling of style, no soul, and absolutely no redeeming qualities."

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